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A Bad Apple

Apple Jacks, Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BG

Having seen this new joint open recently, its billing as an “American Restaurant & Coffee House” meant 2bean… 267 more words


Starbucks' Secret Menu! Experiments in Coffeeology.

Not my normal kind of post, but something fun I’ve been playing around with for a while.  There are a number of sites out there dedicated to “Starbucks’ Secret Menu” or drinks that one can make by combing syrups and ingredients in unique ways.   35 more words


Chocolate challenge part 5

Part 5 is full of favourite tastes. This chocolate by Maître Truffout is such a perfect one, I loved it the moment I saw the package. 128 more words



It’s been a while. We were in Korea for two glorious weeks in September/October and things got a bit crazy after. Anyhow, I’m finally getting a bit of a breather and decided I should start baking again!  335 more words


Battle of the Brands: Nescafe Cappuccino VS Kopiko Kopiccino

So lately… I have been addicted to drinking Cappuccino and not the ones bought at cafes but the ones I get to prepare myself at home. 372 more words


Review: Kopiko Kopiccino

Last week, I did a review on Nescafe’s Cappuccino and now, I’ll be doing a review on Kopiko’s Kopiccino.

When I was told that there is another brand that is offering Cappuccino coffee plus Choco sprinkles, I got so excited that I immediately asked my helper to buy one for me at a convenience store. 249 more words


Välillä espressoa maistissa

Kolmas paketti joka TKP:ltä tuli, on Espresso Mahembe.
Kuvaus tästä turunkahvipaahtimon sivuilla:
Toinen vuosi kun ostimme Nordic Approachilta Mahembe pesuaseman tuottamaa raakakahvia. Loistava espressona ja cappuccinona! 221 more words