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Gemini vs Capricorn

I find myself back at square one.
I have ran into a Capricorn who has shook the ground from under me.
And my Gemini has passed. 187 more words


Horoscopes and Insights with Teal Gray July 21st to July 27th

Everyone please smile a little more this week!

Aries – (March 21 – April 20)
This week a new phase brings relief and a sense of optimism with a lot more fun entering your life. 1,181 more words

Teal Gray

Golgotha Sunset

Golgotha Sunset

If , when reading the Bible, one allows the heart  instead of the mind, to narrate the story to you what becomes clear is that the Bible is the Astrological Anatomy of mankind. 416 more words


21st July 2014 Horoscope

21st July 2014 Horoscope


Another fortunate period approaches bringing important and often sudden and unexpected changes. Remarkable friendships may be made and your imagination will be stimulated. 304 more words


Capricorn Man Checklist

Checklist for Capricorn Man:

  1. Let him express his feelings and thoughts on his own, don’t probe him
  2. Let him be a man and take control of most things (or at least let him think he’s in control ahah)
  3. 443 more words
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A born fighter,

A provider.

Not a control-freak,

And mindless risks not his seek.

The zealous goat chases his dreams like a buzzing bee

Bustling about for nectar, 83 more words