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she's lost control

its nine o’clock and i have a need to go for a long drive on very dark isolated roads with no phone services in the middle of the desert or forest (its a matter of going right rather than left) just to hear this song on repeat. 12 more words


Bear Guidance for the Holiday Season

Here in the northeast, we’re currently receiving the first significant snowfall of the year. Though holiday festivities still loom on the horizon, we’re feasting in preparation for the final turn inward. 197 more words


Capricorn Today

Here is my horoscope for today, and it’s so true.

When we bend a twig or a stick, we know it will likely snap at a certain point. 122 more words




 ~ You have to love when the Moon is in Capricorn. We can settle all those watery emotions, put a lid on them and get down to work without being derailed. 165 more words


Zodiac 3.0 #CAPRICORN

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Traditional Correspondences: Capricorn

The zodiac sign of Capricorn (22 December – 20 January) is symbolised by the Goat. The glyph represents the mythical sea goat which shows the civilising nature of the sign. 114 more words


childhood can begin again

This is my second attempt to write about the last week or so. The first attempt was too much “business as it used to be”. 386 more words