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Astro Doings February 2015

Hi Everyone

February promises to be somewhat quieter than January or March, so enjoy!

The February Full Moon occurs on the 3rd at 6:09 p.m. ET. 621 more words

Sun/Moon Blends: Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon

“There is a self, and what I have sometimes referred to as “listening to the impulse voices, ” means letting the self emerge. Most of us, most of the time (and especially does this apply to children & young people) listen not to ourselves, but to Mommy’s interjected voice or Daddy’s voice, or to the voice of the establishment, of the elders, of authority or of tradition.”

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Sun/Moon Blends

LED Day - 162

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Day of January 25th 2015

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Astrology Sunday: Nono's Chart, Pt IX

When I do natal charts for people, I don’t just provide the chart wheel, but an explanation of the planets in signs and houses and what it means, as well as the aspects they make to each other and what those aspects mean. 1,370 more words