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Islamic Gihad (Jihad)

On my article Pluto in Capricorn which was published on my site on October 2009 I wrote:
There might be enlargement of terrorist acts. The main problem is the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. 172 more words


Swanwick Writers' Summer School and dousing!

I have come back from Swanwick writers’ Summer school with so many ideas buzzing in my head.
I am now going to write a crime novel, a play, a comedy sketch and a short story for People’s Friend! 299 more words

Blending the unexpected to move forwards: ♌️Leo with ♑️Capricorn or ♓️Pisces

♌️Leo and ♑️Capricorn
Exploring the quincunx aspect between Leo and Capricorn yesterday writing into the future of next week about the building energy of Venus (Leo) quincunx Pluto (Capricorn) I suddenly had someone who was a Leo standing next to me, asking about how she would get on with a Capricorn. 562 more words

Capricorn August 2014 AstroTarot Horoscope

Capricorn this month is going to focus on your spiritual beliefs and social contacts. You may experience a sudden boost to your finances towards the end of the month. 3,516 more words


The Twenty-second Nakshatra: Shravana

The 22nd of the 27 Nakshatras is Shravana, spanning from 10°00′ to 23°20′ in Capricorn/Makara in the Sidereal Zodiac. Shravana means ear, श्रवण, or… 260 more words


Same Day Born

Greetings.  I’m posting a poem inspired by a young lady I met almost 3 years ago while I was mowing Father’s lawn.  While tending to Father’s business I saw her walking down the street.   1,332 more words