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Dear Seagoat Answers Your Astrological Dilemmas: To Mountain or Not To Mountain (A Relationship Story)

Dear Seagoat is the The Tusk’s newest (astrology-based) advice column. Ask a question. We dare you.

Dear Seagoat,

Every year, I face a quandary that exemplifies the biggest ongoing issue in my long term relationship: birthdays. 921 more words

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Birthday Month

Welcome to September, an expensive month with the most birthdays of family and friends – and my own.

It was difficult for my daughter to fit in an afternoon tea to celebrate mine – so it’ll be a week late.   382 more words

Frances Macaulay Forde

September Horoscopes and Insights with Teal Gray

Aries (March 20-April 19)
You are not quite where you want to be. Right now it’s about planning and getting those final pieces of the puzzle in place. 2,021 more words

Horoscopes And Insights By Teal Gray


The early Latin calendar was split into 10 months, September being the seventh, and so its name comes from the Latin for seven, ‘Septem’. The September sky has only a few deep sky objects hidden amongst its particularly animal heavy imagery: most notably the Dumbbell planetary nebula, in the Vulpecula constellation. 1,595 more words
Greek Mythology

Fire & Ice

A Libra born

In the arms of a Capricorn

Holding everlasting love in a world torn

This companionship, which has been formed

Out of the foundation of friendship… 159 more words


Approach of my Saturn Return

After just celebrating my 28th birthday there is one thing resonating in my mind…My Saturn Return is quickly approaching (Dun dun dunnnn)! A Saturn Return in astrology is when the planet Saturn returns to the same point in the sky as it was the moment you were  born. 459 more words


Weekly Horoscope 1 September 2014

Aries This is a great week for talking things over with your partner, clearing up past misunderstandings and making plans for the future. Communication with others is highlighted all round so make the most of it. 704 more words