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The testing continues

As testing continues on Poptropica Land, we’re seeing more impressive creations all the time! Here are just a couple.

Magic Fire made an amazing self-sculpture.

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Post Recap #2

Hello! Post recap from the past two days, because school was just so tiring this week .

Seriously, I was too tired to do most of the stuff I was supposed to do, today! 286 more words


Thursday will be a huge day on Poptropica! We’re releasing so much new stuff, it’ll take a bulleted list just to cover it all. Here’s what’s happening: …

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Fearless Rock accepts the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!

Now, people might have posted a picture of their Poptropican doing the IBC, but I have taken it to the NEXT LEVEL by posting a GIF! 135 more words

Who wants more ice?

From two adventurous boys to one angry god of thunder, the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread across Poptropica. We’re not done. Who will be next?

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is sweeping the nation. Even the stars of the Poptropica comic strip, Oliver and Jorge, have gotten into the act. Will they keep the challenge going across Poptropica?

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Post Recap

Recapping recent creator posts from the last week, ’cause I was busy at school¬†. Blame school for the homework increase this week, anyway- EXTREME CREATOR POST RECAP TIME, BELOW! 338 more words