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One Above All vs Captain Kirk

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It would appear that someone has decided to help Kirk out with a win. The One Above All is certainly a figure who will not frighten such a capable leader. 50 more words


Saturday Morning Coffee Haiku

A…tree…says its name?

Let…me…show you how it’s done…

I…am…James T. Kirk! 7 more words

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Sunday Sci-Fi

My wife and I were supposed to go out to a movie and coffee last night, but one of our little monkeys is sick so we decided to be responsible and stay home.   254 more words

Saturday Morning Coffee Haiku

Marshmallows and milk

make hot chocolate better

than coffee today.

Why Science Fiction is So Cool

Here’s one example of why Science Fiction is so cool – the ‘Ousters’ method of interrogation.

“But the fact was that the civilians and captured troops had been found flayed open and pinned down on steel trays like frogs in a biology lab, their organs bathed with nutrient fluids, arms and legs efficiently amputated, eyes removed, and their minds readied for interrogators’ questions with crude cortical comtaps and shunt-plugs jacked directly through three-centimeter holes in the skulls.” 50 more words


Star Trek Commercial

This hidden gem is just hilarious!  It’s a British ad done quite a few years back.

The comments below are even funnier. 8 more words

Science Fiction