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Here...Take This With You

Full disclosure: this is not my joke but it’s my take on it. Click the image to download a PDF that you can print and hang in your office. 12 more words


"Beam Me Up Scottie"

Those famous words were uttered often during the Star Trek series. There stood Captain James Kirk with his futuristic transmitter in hand, on a distant and alien planet, calling for his chief technician to bring him back to the mother ship. 345 more words

Video: William Shatner and American Wrench Team Up to Create New Revolutionary Bike

William Shatner, the man who will forever be known as Captain Kirk, has teamed up with an Illinois-based company to create a three-wheel demon of a motorcycle that is aimed at revolutionizing the entire bike industry. 333 more words


Who Mourns for Adonais?


Another amazing episode of “Star Trek Continues”.  They’ve got Michael Forest to reprise his role as an aged Apollo!

Science Fiction

Movies You Might Have Missed: Into The Woods (2014)

I remember a story a camper once told me years ago. When Disney released ‘Princess Mononoke’ under their name, parents were mislead by the “Princess” title coupled by the Disney name. 562 more words


United Sues Resourceful Computer Whiz; Twitter Is Making A Follower Out of You; California's Bagged Out

Hide and seek the city…

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing a 22 year old computer whiz for doing something that isn’t necessarily illegal. The very resourceful and industrious Aktarer Zaman found a nifty little way to score some reasonably priced seats on airlines and runs a website called  558 more words

Star Trek Golden Key Archives Volume 1 Review

The Golden Key Archives bring together some of the first ever comics for the Star Trek franchise. It’s fun to see the original cast from the TV show get back together and they look even better than in the show. 1,220 more words