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Project LV One - Day 82 - Return of the Energiser Bunny

The other night I had a fascinating conversation with a friend about painting.  My friend claimed that whilst wanting to paint there wasn’t anything nearby worth painting.   173 more words


See The Ultimate Trekkie Playroom

Ok, I admit it, I peeked.

Does that make me a “Trekkie”?

I think not, in spite of enjoying the original TV series, most of the spinoffs and most of the movies. 43 more words


Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins #6

6) Leutinant Mary Sue

As the list grows in these preferred pairings I’ve turned my attention to a stranger oddity. I found Roxanne Drew to be a unique addition, and then surmised why Dark Shadows brought in another red-head when they already had one: Barnabas isn’t likely to be romantically inclined to Julia Hoffman as her analytical and authoritarian attitude made her closer to a friend than a marriage companion minus the possibility of pity for her which I find undeserving. 1,184 more words

RESULTS - Funko Fight Club 2: Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals

The people have spoken and the winners of the Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals have been chosen!

We had a tie in our very first bout, with both Rocketeer and Pennywise getting two votes each.  133 more words

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

This Was Your Best Life Now • 4

SPOCK: I knew the ship was lost because I sensed it.
KIRK: What was it you sensed?
SPOCK: The touch of death.
KIRK: And what do you think they felt? 10 more words






I think we need to invent a game called ‘shatner’

Someone yells ‘SHATNER’ at you and then you have to overact whatever you were doing…

31 more words

Funko Fight Club 2: Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals

Welcome to the Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals of Funko Fight Club 2! If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here… 351 more words

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures