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As promised during Comic-Con, there’s a new trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0 today all about the villain characters. We knew that Loki and Ultimate Green Goblin would be available, but rounding out the set is Ronan the Accuser, who will definitely have a higher profile later in the week when he’s seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. 60 more words


Coffee Time News 25/07/14

With San Diego Comic Con starting today, tomorrow we can expect some big news, but today? Well it’s business as usual.


Now I remember watching Hot Tub Time Machine and thinking, yeah, this isn’t bad. 227 more words

Coffee Time News

Captain Marvel Victorious!

Much later than I had wanted here’s my newest LEGO image, Captain marvel defeats the Daleks. I had planned this for new comic Wednesday but didn’t like my first series so I reshot it. 24 more words


Marvel Girls: Girl Power Incarnate

Since yesterday was about Barbara Gordon, and the ladies of Gotham City, I decided that today should be about the two characters who have been capturing my imagination more than just about anyone else lately. 372 more words


The Changing Face of Marvel Comics

By the month of October, Marvel Comics will have a decidedly different look for two of its most famous characters. Debuting in Thor #1, the titular character will no longer be the Odinson known and loved, but a woman. 515 more words


Dear Kevin Feige, Fans DO Have The Power To Demand Representation From Marvel

A lil while back, director J.J. Abrams dropped a photo from the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7 flick that seriously lacked women characters. People were steamed and let the studio know it. 207 more words