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Capt. Richard Phillips to Obama....

Capt. Richard Phillips to Obama: Do more to stop pirates – The Washington Post.

This is the guy first made famous by his harrowing capture by pirates and subsequent rescue by US Navy Seals, and then made famous again by the Tom Hanks’ movie named after him. 88 more words

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CONGRATS! Navy Has Its First Female Four-Star Admiral

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy has its first female four-star admiral.

She is Michelle Janine Howard, promoted on Tuesday to the service’s highest rank. The ceremony was held at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery, near the Pentagon. 73 more words

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What's not listed in this article is that as a Rear Admiral, Howard was the commanding officer of the task force that was responsible for rescuing Captain Phillips and his crew of the Mersk Alabama.  From what I've read of now Admiral Howard, she is well qualified and well deserving of this promotion.  Kudos for making history as the first female 4-Star Admiral in the US Navy. Here's an excerpt from Chips which is the Department of the Navy's Information Technology Magazine:

CHIPS: You were the head of the Combined Task Force 151 when the Maersk Alabama was captured by pirates in April 2009. What are the lessons learned from the successful rescue of the ship's master, and what were your thoughts during operations? Rear Adm. Howard: One of the major lessons was a lesson relearned, which is that we have terrific Sailors and Marines, particularly the USS Bainbridge (DDG 96), which was the lead ship in that operation, and the special forces that boarded [the pirate vessel]. There were several ships out there, different associated assets were [involved], and every person did their job. The quality of people that we have, the care that they have, and the passion was probably the primary ingredient in that mission being successful. From a tactical perspective, I could not have done that mission if we did not have reliable long distance communications. Look at Central Command, from the Somali Basin all the way to the Gulf of Aden, and the ships distributed through there with the fleet commander being homeported out of Bahrain, [it is] thousands of miles, and you are trying to coordinate with our headquarters, as well as coordinate with tactical units as the mission unfolds, so long distance communications were an essential mission set. Another tactical piece that was a new lesson learned for me in terms of intelligence is that there are limitations to reachback. When you look at intelligence, and you go from the gathering phase to the analytical phase, there are advantages and benefits derived from having that core competency across the entire process chain, collocated with the commander. If you are using reachback for the analysis phase, for example, the time and delay in pushing information back, having it analyzed and pushing it forward may not be timely for you to incorporate the knowledge that comes out [of reachback] as the mission moves forward. The support overall was just tremendous, whether it was from civilian organizations or the fleet commanders. There was a huge on-scene team; there was a much larger remote team from Central Command going all the way back to the United States.  

The Navy Is Getting Its First-Ever Female 4-Star Admiral

American military history was made Tuesday when Michelle Howard became the first woman in the U.S. Navy to be promoted to a four-star admiral. Howard was also named Vice Chief of Naval Operations. 121 more words

Barkhad Abdi invited to join Motion Picture Academy

Minneapolis actor Barkhad Abdi was invited Thursday to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The invite marks the latest prestigious honor to come Abdi’s way since the release of the high-seas thriller “Captain Phillips” last October. 369 more words

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Captain Phillips Review

IMDb synopsis: The true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years. 413 more words

The Screenwriting Bar vs. Drinking Bars

“When I was 18 I said, ‘Dad I think I want to be a screenwriter.’ He said OK and took me in his office…and pulled out the screenplay for… 185 more words