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Some more or less anxious thoughts on my birthday

1.  Hey I should do all the things I like today to make myself happy and if I’m not happy doing those things maybe I shouldn’t be having a birthday! 621 more words


7 Films That Will Make You Scared of the Water

It’s been a while since I have put together a ‘7 Things’ list but while watching some of “All is Lost” on Saturday it got me thinking about films which will actually make you scared to go into the sea and maybe of the water in general. 148 more words


Romanticising Crime...

Does anybody else use the app Flixster as a guide as to whether or not it’s worth watching a film or not?  It’s basically the app version of the Rotten Tomatoes website (I’m guessing), I often find myself 15 minutes into a film thinking, “this looks crap”, at which point I log on and check out what other people thought of it as to decipher whether it’s worth committing 90 minutes or so of my life to it. 987 more words

I am the captain now!

Finally got to see Captain Phillips this weekend. The movie with Tom Hanks vs Somali pirates??

Just realized anew why Tom is one of my fave actors. 281 more words

Bits About Me

Chucking your guts up, plus Steve's got a whoppa!

We went deep sea fishing last week which was fantastic. Rather than write about the whole event i thought an action summary might be helpful… 488 more words

johnlink ranks CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (2013)

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is a movie I intended to see in theaters the week it came out. Last night, roughly 51 weeks later, I finally did. My desire was more subject than actor driven. 655 more words

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