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Was Alastair Cook's batting really that bad? The Stats

Earlier today, The ECB announced that Eoin Morgan would replace Alastair Cook as England’s ODI captain. To many, including myself, this wasn’t a huge shock. Cook has been clinging onto his place in the side for a long time, only keeping his place due to his captaincy. 581 more words

Delicious Memories of Cereal

The crispy calous crunch of the Captain’s Crunch. The lovely laced liquid of Lucky Charms milk. The corrupted Chocolate cravings of the Count Chocula. The tasty talented twist of all the Rabbit’s Trix.

Desperate Voyage - 1

To all those that go down to the sea in ships,
That do business in deep waters,

Meet Captain Chipman. He’s a real nice guy with more responsibility than anyone should be asked to take on, but he’s about to take on a bunch of passengers who would try anyone’s patience and faith. 1,470 more words


The Best Kind of Christmas Gift

Yesterday, I received a lovely surprise in the mail: the two books in Susan Kaye’s Frederick Wentworth, Captain series, None But You and For You Alone… 219 more words

Robin Helm

Me time

I have touched on what I do to help him through being on a hitch several times, but nothing really about myself. I would like to think he misses me as much as I miss him, I am not really sure that is possible though. 461 more words

Offshore Life

Turning Over A New Page

The shadow of Phil Hughes death loomed large over the first test at the Adelaide oval. It was especially emotional for Michael Clarke and David Warner; Clarke always regarded Hughes to be his younger brother, while Warner was present on the field during the incident which cost Hughes his life. 1,624 more words