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Who played Batman the Best: Part IV.

With my interaction with fans on the internet I have come to see that Christian Bale’s performance as Batman is by far the favorite. There are many who also prefer Michael Keaton as Batman but Bale does seem the big favorite. 398 more words

Captain's Log...

Day Five

I slept in again.
I did some homework.
I got really excited because the dining hall had couscous.
I got very disappointed by the dining hall’s couscous. 320 more words

Captain's Log

Captains Log # 8 Fall of The Savage Marauders

Glory. Glory is a beast that cannot be either tamed or unleashed. After many months of making mass profit CEO Angelus6619 and Lord Hernandez begin to have a power struggle and a clash of visions. 341 more words

Captains Log

Captains Log # 7 GMS GLORY [Rescue](B.doc)

From: Lord Hernandez
Sent: 2012.08.29 14:46
To: SM B.doc,
In the far reaches of Hadaugago the GMS GLORY Maelstrom class was accompanied by a Legion and Thorax. 525 more words

Captains Log

Captains Log # 6 Exploratio​n "Lost in Space"

The war with the French went beautifully. Their corp mates wanted to join us, I didn’t like the notion but our council accepted them anyway. Of coarse when they started craving power I had them kicked from the Corp, I don’t trust anyone. 561 more words

Captains Log

Captains Log # 5 First War "Kill Frenchie"


The glory of the Savage Marauders has grown so fast, loads upon loads of assets filled the corp hangar. Materials, modules you name it we had it. 425 more words

Captains Log

Captains Log # 4 Fallen Hammer (B.Doc)


In a distant battlefield in the cold harsh place of Brundakur.

Lord Hernandez and Angelus6619 were on a mission to fend off invading forces. 320 more words

Captains Log