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Find a Way to Ride the Wave

Gale-force winds, head-high swells, no board: time to go surfing! 

Captain CH’s log continues.  For the full experience, read The Lionfish Incident and Fish, Lobster, and Other Bugs… 493 more words

Hear Me Out

First Entry

8th day of Diamond Moon, 15:21. I’m finishing up my book! It’s set to be about 170-180k words, and about 70 chapters. Just a typical epic fantasy ;-) Something about the conclusion is gnawing at me…If I had a first mate, I’d bother him (or her) about it. 15 more words

Captain's Log

My Favorite Superman Part I

Ever since his debut in 1938 Superman has had many incarnations. He has been in comic books, graphic novels, radio shows, television shows and theatrical films. 938 more words

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10 Great Google Suggestions

So i misspelled Seminole and got this result which i found interesting and my only answer is yes. 

Again researching the Seminoles and these caught my eye, and again my only thought is yes…. 147 more words

Captains Log

Saturday Concert

Concert today with Grace, Eric, Feel Good and Bent.

Starting at 1:00 PM

Bring your own wine, food, friends and high expectations.

Captain's Log