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Comic-Con 2014: Review.

Ah, Comic-Con, that one time of year when nerdlings such as my self, climb wearily out of our Mom’s basement, adjust our eyes to natural light and actually attempt to engage fellow human beings in social contact.* I was not there in Sand Diego, but I do want to post on some of the news that came out from this past weekend’s convention. 585 more words

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The Head-Nod Effect

The rumble from a Jolly-Rancher-blue Charger traveled its way along the asphalt of 79th Street and up the base of my spine from a block away. 1,321 more words

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Slivers of Glory: Guest Post By an Awesome Friend

I have the most phenomenal friends. I don’t mean to brag. Well, I kind of do.  My friends (old and new) have been so gracious to let me into their lives and become a part of my “chosen family” and there is no real way to repay them for being such a huge part of my life. 396 more words


Welcome to My New Beginnings

Please accept my invitation to join me on my journey as I finally (we won’t go into how many years it’s taken me to get to this point) start down the path towards my dream of becoming a published author of science fiction. 131 more words

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UFOs. Unidentified. Flying. Objects.

They used to terrify me. Not from a distance. The proximity, however, unnerved me. Not the UFOs themselves, but what was presumably inside. 178 more words


Clayesmore Cormorants CC v Arkadin CC

Match played at Clayesmore School, Iwerne Minster, Dorset.  Clayesmore Cormorants CC won the toss and elected to field.  Arkadin CC – 214 all out (Stead 52, Clark 36, Dunne 33, Lack N 3-20). 1,503 more words

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