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This is the start of a new beggining to an end

Captain’s Log 1.23.2015.2029

You do not know me, and I don’t know you, but thanks for reading this anyways or if you are lost and don’t know how you got here, thanks still. 237 more words

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captain's log: 23/1/2015

it feels almost like how a child who managed to stay up all night only to realize santa’s not real, the wave washes over you and it seeps in, it sinks in. 144 more words

Captain's Log

Hello Again

Well, I’ve done a terrible job in the past week (longer?) in posting on here. Let me give a quick back story on what my life has been like and why and it’ll all tie into the changes happening with me. 458 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Why unlikable characters are okay

Disclaimer: a significant driving force behind this entry is many readers’ dislike* towards Dagger, a character in The Feast saga that I personally love to write but would probably not be friends with in real life. 832 more words

Captain's Log

ATX, The Music Capital

Dear brother,

I missed you on New Year’s Eve. It is always nice to be with family and watch our crazy drunk uncles dance until they pass out. 410 more words


TextFugu Log: Adverbs

After returning from my day of sciency classes (organic chem and genetics; what a life), I have returned to isolation in my dorm room (unfortunately) to study Japanese (fortunately). 156 more words


TextFugu Log: "What Do You Want?"

After much skipping and skimming, I’ve finally settled upon Season 4 as my starting point for studying with TextFugu, at least until I run into a long stretch of things that were covered in class again. 202 more words