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Google's Street View address reading software also able to decipher CAPTCHAs.

Google engineers working on software to automatically read home and business addresses off photographs taken by Street View vehicles, have created a product so good that not only can it be used for address reading, it can solve CAPTCHAs, as well. 319 more words


News Flash- 4/16/14

Hangry is a Real Thing

Many studies support the idea that low blood sugar can lead to crankiness. A psychologist out of Ohio University wanted to know if this quality manifests itself even between loving couples. 496 more words

Low Blood Sugar

Google develops computer vision accurate enough to solve its own CAPTCHAs

Amazing really but I was expecting to read these news…
Sometimes I wish I had a computer do the actual captcha solving for me :)


Google AI that solves reCAPTCHAs is now cracking address numbers in Street View

When Google’s Street View cars drive up and down the streets of a town, they don’t just collect images. They also log addresses, which helps match Street View with Maps. 247 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Oh. My. Google!

I got excited watching an episode of Dragon’s Den on BBC-K. A few seconds of searching (and reading) later, these start popping up.