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Implementation of captcha image into yur own plugin using Really Simple Captcha plugin

We can implement a security captcha image into our own plugin using Really Simple Captcha plugin. See the following example how to use the Really Simple Captcha Plugin with our own WordPress plugin. 364 more words

Audio CAPTCHA garble

If you are unfamiliar with Audio CAPTCHA* here is a sample of what you might hear.

I helped out someone last week with their email. They had forgotten their password and couldn’t get into their email account. 428 more words


Java CAPTCHA w/ JCaptcha

When looking for a good Java CAPTCHA library, many people just suggested using ReCAPTCHA from Google.  A few online posts discouraged using ReCAPTCHA because it has shown swear words at times and has the possibility of being down which would also bring your own site down.   494 more words

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Comedic Look at Internet Speed Bumps (aka Captchas)!

While we can take some happiness from the fact that we are part of a giant human collaboration to digitize books when we fill out a… 32 more words


Captchas: Collaborating for Good (not an evil plot to drive us crazy!)

Captchas, those annoying online tests you must take to prove you are human and not a robot, are on the receiving end of much cursing on a daily basis.   225 more words