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How Did the FBI Find the Silk Road Servers, Anyway?

In the run-up to the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged owner of Silk Road, an aching question has remained: How exactly did the FBI find the location of the server running the deep web marketplace?  798 more words



Most cryptocoin faucets are guarded using “captchas”, there are two sorts:

  • Entering text to match the distorted text that is displayed. There are also variations which require selection from a drop down menu.
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Wie man verkackt - Scheitern leicht gemacht

Jeder würde gerne etwas erreichen, aber was wir tun bringt uns ins Teufels Küche. Während ich in Wahrheit viel zu erledigen habe, gammel ich rum. Dabei ist es etwas “gutes”, aber das sei nur nebenbei gesagt. 138 more words

It Takes A Strong Man To Make A Tender Password

I had a problem recently: see, I couldn’t figure out the correct password to my account here and elsewhere aaand…CAPTCHA! This CAPTCHA was so horrible that it took me 8 tries to figure it the fuck out. 605 more words


CAPTCHA Reworked| reCAPTCHA Easier and Mobile Friendly

Originally CAPTCHAs were designed to keep computers and robots away from entering information meant for humans, and not to spam websites in the process. However, according to Google’s own research, it would appear that today’s technology can solve the most difficult to read text with 99.8% acc…

Google-backed password-killer crosses major milestone

In October, Google unveiled a surprising new way to log into Chrome and Gmail: a USB key. 538 more words



How many times you feel affronted while reading those stupid numbers or words and re-entering it just to prove that you are a human. We call them CAPTCHA( 401 more words