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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 15)

The problem alluded to in the previous episode  was that the process of law and order broke down within the massive confines of the Museum of Future Technology because the SubRoboSecGuas who kept such watchful eyes upon the visiting ear plugs had heard RoboSecGua’s plaintive whistling, and had raced from their appointed patrol stations to assist their chief… 242 more words

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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 14)

Sadly, when Rudi had used the education device, he’d not bothered to remain in it long enough to learn that when one pressed the ‘Go’ button of a flying saucer, the operation automatically opened a trapdoor that emptied the contents of the latrine. 496 more words

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Say What?

I’ve been asked a few different times how I come up with the captions that appear under the images in my posts. Usually it’s just a matter of picture association, whatever comes to mind. 963 more words

Into The Storm

Fruitful Lunch-Breaking (or The Making of The Ear Plugs Day Out)

The following piece will show you just how incredibly amateurish I can be. I have no sets. I use cheap used compact cameras. And for characters and props I use whatever I can find lying around – usually upon the floor. 340 more words

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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 13)

Valentine too was surprised when he realised the significance of his and Rudi’s discovery.

“Isn’t that…?” He stumbled orally.

“Sho’nuf is, mother-fucker.” His brother replied. 276 more words


Silly Me

Why do I want to make people laugh? Really, the more I think about it, the more I believe I might have a personality flaw. I go to great lengths to make people smile, and if I get a giggle or a hearty HaHa, then I am in seventh Heaven. 323 more words