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Drawing A Distinction Between Native Advertising And Journalism

There is an article on featureshoot.com this week that threads a fine line between “native advertising” (a term I happen to despise) and sincere journalism. … 256 more words

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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 35)

…And the basic dichotomy that existed in a single body that nature had intended to be two snapped Rudi’s psyche away from Valentine’s…

…and with a mighty bound they were free! 735 more words

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The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 34)

Once over the shock of Rudi and Valentine’s transformation, Magnuss noticed that something very similar had happened in one of the many alternate realities shown by the machine in which they continued to stand around in like a bunch of open-mouthed guppies… 576 more words

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A Photo Exhibition: "Happiness is a Journey"

For the second installation of his “Happiness” series, Mr. Lim Kok Wee, Singaporean professional photographer and founder of Photo Inc, carefully selected 32 images taken during his travels to Padang (Indonesia) and Cebu (Philippines). 990 more words


Why Images Need Captions:

The Importance of Text with Images:

BOOM! A popping image draws your attention. It makes you wander what just happened. It instantly intrigues you!

This is because all images convey meanings. 445 more words


The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 33)

What startled the Ear Plugs so much was nothing less than…

…the image of their younger brother, Samson, creeping up behind his girlfriend, Clarissa (who lived next door) and doing something unspeakable. 294 more words

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