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#ArticleOfTheDay: Stubborn Visionaries & Pigheaded Fools

Today’s Article was written by Jason Cohen, the entrepreneur that originally started SmartBear Software (the company that I sold my last software company to). Jason has such a great way of boiling complex topics down to their bare simplicity and often leaves you with a decision to make. 130 more words

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#ArticleOfTheDay: How to Charge your Phone with a 9 Volt Battery

I am always amazed by creative ways to solve life’s problems. In today’s Article of the Day, our #CrazyRussianHacker friend shows us how to charge our phone with a phone charger hooked up to a 9 volt battery. 128 more words

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Charge Your Device From Your Car's Cigarette Ligther

One of my favorite accessories that we sell is our VOLT USB Charger / Adapter. The Volt XL is a 2.1 amp USB car charger that can conveniently charge USB electronics through your cars 12V outlet. 133 more words

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Skiva Skiva PowerFlow Lightning Fire C-2

Skiva Skiva PowerFlow Lightning Fire C-2

Charging cables are expensive, and buying a 3rd party charging cable usually ends up not working. Usually all 3rd party charging cables have nothing but problems, either not supporting your phone, having issues fitting in the phones and a list of other problems. 295 more words


Skiva Lightning Fire C-1 2.1 Amp Car Charger

Skiva Lightning Fire C-1 2.1 Amp Car Charger

There nothing that bothers me more than my phone dying in the car. The regular car chargers always fall out of the cigarette lighter won’t support your phone, and the most annoying… The charger always charges the phone too slow. 324 more words


Orico UCA-2U 2 port Car Charger

Item: ORICO double Port Car Charger

Application:car charging devices
Interface:5V2.4A *1 / 5V1.5A*1
Plug and play: support
Function:car charging… 99 more words

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AVANTEK USB Car Chargers (Review)

AVANTEK USB Car Chargers
Claybox Limited
$9.99 to $16.99 Amazon

Do you dread long road trips because either you have to turn off your devices to save battery life or you have to buy those really cheap (not well made) USB charger things in service stations or convenience stores only to toss them into the trash after a single use or two. 413 more words

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