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1988 Renault Megane - Here's One They Made Earlier

Patrick Le Quément’s legacy of convincing, but unrealised Renault concept cars begins here…

Renault seem to have been making attempts to crack the luxury car market for decades now. 480 more words

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Proton Saga R | Replacement Model for The Malaysian Iconic.

Hello guy! It has been a long time since I haven’t update anything here. I am more updating my works on Facebook rather than here. Maybe it is easier to post out and I’m getting more feedback from there, too. 104 more words

Design Concept of the Day 2: Peterbilt SymbiotUX

And this year’s entrants in the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge: 2014′s contenders have looked at how the technology of 2029 will transform the relationship between humans and vehicles, including sensual connections and predictive behaviours, with specific reference to interior design. 833 more words


Death of a Carrozzeria

This year, Bertone has joined the doleful list of recently deceased Italian styling houses, having held out against the inevitable longer than most. The quantity and quality of Bertone’s output had been in decline, particularly as commissions from major manufacturers began to dry up. 191 more words

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How to shape the future 2: we ask a new-fledged car designer a few questions

As I was interested to find out what was on the mind of some of the designers from Pforzheim University´s MA automotive course, I asked Byungyoon Min, a recent graduate,  some questions.   345 more words

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