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Spooky goings on

Yesterday was Signor Pinguino’s birthday, not an important one that deserves a massive surprise party and flying in people not seen in years to provoke all sorts of memories of a half century on this planet and usually ends up being very messy, but a quieter affair celebrating the year after the big one whilst still ending up messy. 883 more words

In My Own Back Yard

On another beautiful day, I attempted to stay indoors to rest my leg. By late afternoon I had succumbed to temptation and took a gentle amble around the garden and the Royal OakĀ car park. 182 more words

An underground staff car park in central London, UK

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I guess about 66% of my ride to Loughborough University is on busy main A roads, which serve a purpose they get you from A to B, unless you’re in a car, in which case they basically serve as an extended car park between Kegworth and Loughborough, especially in the morning at peak rush hour there are lots of people sitting staring out at the view, chewing the steering wheels with rage or zoned out listening to music. 70 more words

Black cab drivers having a chat in London, UK

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Can we just call a car park truce at Bushy parkrun?

I love parkrun, I love running, most of the time I love runners.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s January and there are lots of people whose brain is still addled with E numbers and sugar. 350 more words


A place to park your car in London, UK

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