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Florida Auto Transport by Cobalt Auto Services

Shipping your car, truck, or motorcycle to and from Florida requires planning and good customer support. Cobalt Auto Services is experienced at working with customers to arrange shipments to and from Florida to various places such as New York, California, Virginia, and many other locations. 60 more words

Car Problems

Do It Yourself Auto Repair Tips And Tricks

Repairing your own car may seem overwhelming initially, but isn’t nearly as hard as you might imagine. Gaining knowledge can really help you get over those fears. 32 more words

Stormy Seas Again

I thought it was only a matter of time before the relative calm in Rochelle’s life would end; I had been fairly certain it would be either her mother’s health or the breakdown of her car that would cause the stormy seas to break out again; it was the car. 400 more words

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Auto Repair On A Budget With These Easy Ideas

Fixing your own car problems can be a snap. Many people seem to go to a mechanic even for minor issues these days. The following article can serve as a guide when fixing your automobile. 25 more words

The Spring Renewal

It felt like I’d been looking forward to this past weekend for so long. And now that it’s over, it’s time to focus on more pressing matters. 1,406 more words

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The Worst Spring Break That Actually Could've Been Worse

So. This has been the worst spring break ever that could have been worse. And really, I am so lucky that it didn’t turn it out worse. 1,770 more words

Hogging Up the Road on my C-C-C-C-Carro

This is today’s theme song.

This is today’s theme song because, after school today, we rode at a crawling 25 mph to Forrest City from Palestine with our flashers on. 316 more words