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Life Sucks...But It Could Be Worse - Much Worse.

Yesterday was easily one of the worst days I have ever had – definitely the worst in recent memory. This post wasn’t meant to be that long, but as I started typing –  I couldn’t stop. 1,601 more words

Life's (Financial) Balance - Live For The Moment or Save For The Future?

Yesterday I had a bit of a shock to the system.
Leo and I share a car, as we don’t need two, we are the proud owners of a beloved Ford Fiesta ST. 441 more words


Proud Adulting Moment

Hello, dear readers! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. The past month has been just been insanely busy.

This morning was extremely frustrating. On my way to work, I decided to grab some caffeine to stop the pounding headache I had (okay, I’m addicted to coffee…let’s move on). 262 more words

Third Year's a Charm

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to Christy at Running on Sober, please enjoy the following. 281 more words


August update

I know you probably all feel neglected. I have been more than little absent this July and August; this whole lack of a normal routine-thing is really messing with my attempts to consistently write. 343 more words


A very, very long week

Last Sunday morning I sprang out of bed and cajoled the family, including puppy Waffle, to come for a jog with me. 5 minutes into it and I pulled a calf muscle, so hobbled the rest of the way home and quite frankly felt ridiculous all dressed up in my jogging gear, barely able to walk. 641 more words

Sunday always Funday.. or Not

Well… Savannah woke up early this morning to get her run in, while I always sleep in late and do mine in the evening. We are like a mouse and a rat.. 485 more words

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