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Car Problems

Saturday, while running around doing some errands, my freaking check engine light came on.  Carla (my car) had been sounding funny for awhile so I was expecting it.  129 more words

In the Elephant Graveyard

At the base of the bluff, where the willows get thicker as you near the river, there’s an aging collection of vehicles and heavy equipment. Covered in snow, it looks like it was just left behind, parked all higgledy piggledy, after some whopping demolition derby. 768 more words


1/24/2015-R.I.P.-The Battlewagon (2005-2015)

-Last Thursday morning, two days ago, I was driving my car (AKA “The Battlewagon”) and noticed that something was different in this particular ride. Normally, it always felt like the car was lower than normal to the ground. 1,957 more words

Wayne W Johnson

The fear is real.

I’m not a risk-taker.

I said that to a friend not too long ago, and if he didn’t actually laugh at me, I know he probably wanted to. 1,468 more words


Blown Tires, Scary Men and Hours at Walmart... Oh My!

Have you ever realized how badly you needed something until someone says you do, had to suffer the consequences of waiting for it but knowing it was going to benefit you in the long hall? 466 more words

Car Problems

12/6/14 - A glimpse into my life without my own, 4WD car.

I wrote this on December 6, 2014. I was driving my old roommate’s car because I hadn’t bought one of my own. Within one week, I bought my own car.  456 more words


When you first realize your car isn’t where you left it, several thoughts run through your head. You stare at the space where your car was, as if willing it to reappear. 708 more words