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Saturday was a sunny day and the temperature rose above freezing.  It was a good time to go to the car wash and clean away all the road salt and dirt that had accumulated on the car. 72 more words


Sorry, That is NOT the code to my pants

Just when I think I am out of material, something amazing happens. It’s like some kind of divine intervention….

I went to get my car washed at that super annoying car wash on West Main Street (which is super annoying because you have to get out of your car and go inside to get a “code” to enter the car wash… The point of the car wash is I don’t want to get out of the fucking car); plus there are always suspicious looking characters doing questionable activities hanging around. 82 more words

Word Vomit

I made it to the Saturday before Thanksgiving this year...

…before caving to all the Christmas decorations going up in stores and Christmas sales and panettone populating the grocery stores.  That’s right.  I’m about to put up our tree.   951 more words

Tom 365 - November 21, 2014

An abandoned car wash on 95th Street in Chicago. I would like to come back with my real camera and take better pictures, but it is not really in a section of town I would feel comfortable getting out of my car in at night. 15 more words


Washing a Car With 1 Gallon of Water—Is It Possible?

Among the most common problems that are related to washing cars is the amount of water that’s used and sometimes even wasted on a daily basis. 380 more words

Cleaning A Car

Remember Nissan's Self-Cleaning Car? What Ever Happened To That?

Earlier this year, we wrote about how Nissan’s new dirt-repelling paint was set to revolutionize the game for car wash businesses, possibly rendering them obsolete. 119 more words

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