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Homeland Hero: Andreas Gidlund and his Nordic Tuning Saab 9-5

It’s not every day you meet someone that finds their own car fuel for a living but if you live in countries like Sweden or Norway then it would be considerably more likely as the oil and gas industry is big business! 13 more words


Dodge Viper SRT Convertible unveiled

This modified Dodge Viper SRT Convertible is called Baptized Medusa and is the fruit of labour from a heavy-duty chain saw and Prefix Performance. Based on one of a very limited 10-vehicle production run, the Medusa’s least expensive modification package costs $35,000 ( 20,492.82). 13 more words


Video: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG by Capristo sounds remarkable

Capristo is also responsible for tuning this Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG which has an apparently never-ending bonnet. As soon as you stamp on the accelerator pedal, the car makes its presence felt very powerfully through a cloud of smoke and a brutal, loud sound. 12 more words


Vorsteiner releases new photos of its modified Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS Edition

We reported back in October of 2013 that American-based car tuner Vorsteiner had just released some photos and details of its modified Continental GT BR10-RS Edition. 30 more words


Smart ForTwo cabrio, electric and Brabus confirmed, ForFour Cabrio planned

2015 Smart ForFour

Stretched ForFour possible

Smart has announced plans to add several derivatives of the new ForTwo in the years to come.

Last week we heard Smart CEO Annette Winkler saying there aren’t any plans to resurrect the roadster but the lineup will indeed grow with additional versions such as a ForTwo Carbio, ForTwo EV, a Brabus ForTwo as well as a ForFour Cabrio which won’t be a true cabriolet as it will have a retractable fabric roof like the Fiat 500C. 167 more words


Second generation Renault Koleos confirmed for 2016 launch

2014 Renault Koleos 19.6.2013

Slow-selling model to live on

Renault Australia managing director Justin Hocevar told CarAdvice the Koleos will receive a second generation.

Launched back in 2008, the Koleos is in need of a replacement since it has started to show its age and also it hasn’t been what you’d call an attractive car, even though it received a couple of facelifts during its lifespan. 91 more words