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ES-L-AR • 👍 or 👎 ___________________________________ Tags: #CreativEra #WitnessIt #Mercedes #SLR

ES-L-AR • 👍 or 👎

Tags: #CreativEra #WitnessIt #Mercedes #SLR Posted By Kushang Gonawala


Why You Should Use A grey Card?

Are you learning to shoot in manual mode? Does one get annoyed once AN attempt to work out a way to expose for your subject? A grey card might not be an everyday tool, however in some things it completely will the trick to urge exposure correct. 427 more words

Changement Adresse Carte Grise

Getting my Japanese driver's license

Scarily, I am officially allowed to drive a car on the roads of Japan these days.

I say scarily because it is basic fact until very recently, I had not been driving a car with any degree of regularity since I was 23. 1,172 more words


Eleven years later and it's time to buy a car...

Dylan and I have been married for over eight years now. We bought one house and sold it in Minnesota, and bought our second house in Austin in December. 331 more words

Car troubles :(

My car is a write-off.

It was going just fine last night, and I’ve never had any problems with it. Then suddenly, on the way to a school open night, the engine stopped working, the brakes stopped working properly, and the car lost its power steering. 445 more words