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A Milestone, A Memory, And A Victory Redux--CI#94 (with video)

Here it is 25 July, the day I started Carb Cycling, the day that changed my life, the day I found my biggest key to healthy, sustainable weight loss.  1,348 more words


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too While Traveling

People who have seen me devour a veggie burger, an entire order of waffle fries, and a chocolate chip cookie in one sitting, often ask how I am able to eat (and if we’re being honest, drink!) the way that I do, and stay in shape enough not to embarrass myself as a model. 815 more words

A Day In The Life

Carb Cycling Week One!

I’ve been struggling pretty hardcore on my eating/nutrition lately. It’s not that I was doing god awful, it’s just that I would do well, then fall into a bad habit to reward myself a little too much. 432 more words


What's 4%?

A friend of mine recently signed up for a Diet Bet challenge. I went to the DietBet website to check it out for myself. I have to say, I was intrigued.  245 more words

Battle Of The Bulge!!!!

Carb Cycling with Quest Protein Bars

About six weeks ago we started carb cycling, which for those of you unfamiliar is a dietary style that changes up how and when you eat carbs. 260 more words


Maybe It's A Stretch...And I Don't Care, CI#91

I have said a bazillion times throughout my chronic life talking it out is always helpful when you are talking in a positive, moving-forward sort of way.  388 more words


Carb Cycling

Imagine how great it would be to be able eat cake, cookies and even candy without ever gaining a pound. Never again would there be a need to turn down all of the diabetes causing, metabolic disease inducing, and muffin top baking indulgences that keep our insides happy and make our outsides as flabby as a basset-hound’s ears. 912 more words