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The End of Excuses

Hi all,

Well I am into Week 4 of my re-commitment to health and fitness.

I’ve done this weight loss song and dance for a very long time. 1,048 more words


Operation Finish Line: Week 7 and Holy Moly Carb Cycling Works!

I’m happy to report that, despite a weekend in Dallas drinking and carousing with my best friend followed by a pretty off week, I weighed in¬†Saturday morning at 155 lbs (down from last week!). 608 more words

Carb Cycling

Carb Cycling - Week 3

Hi all,

So as I mentioned last week I am using carb cycling as my nutrition plan to accompany my Les Mills Body Pump workouts. 1,348 more words

New Week, New Outlook

This weekend was good for me emotionally and I was able to feel like I am past the stresses and anxieties that weighed on my mind for quite a long time now, which allowed me to focus on starting fresh with a new eating plan.  624 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Project Finish Line: 6 Weeks Later...

Hello again, friends!

Because I’m the incredible sand-bagger that I am, my last Project Finish Line blog post was written weeeeeks ago, and I just posted it last week. 818 more words

Clean Almond Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal

Let me start by saying that eating oatmeal without at least two tablespoons of butter and 1/4 of brown sugar per bowl is a huge accomplishment for me. 205 more words


Week 2

Hi all,

I started a new exercise program on November 3 and cleaned up my diet. I didn’t do any big blog fanfare with it, like I have done in the past because it can be intimidating to talk about. 1,055 more words