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New Weight and an Italian Dinner

I haven’t posted anything in a while on the blog. I haven’t gotten bored, neither have I given up, nor have I “fallen off the wagon.” Things have been pretty busy career wise, and I’ve had to put more emphasis in some new directions there—which leaves less time for other endeavors. 1,145 more words


It's Going Good

Here are some updates on carb cycling and my workouts: I’m being very consistent! Carb cycling can get somewhat tiring though. After 3 days of going low-carb your body craves some bread and potatoes so the high-carb day acts as a saviour. 104 more words


The Insanity of Weight Loss with Thyroid Disease CI#96

We all know Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Let’s assume Mr. Einstein is correct.  2,058 more words


Gentle Retooling

Its Friday, and I’ve been doing the Chris Powell carb cycling (classic) method for about five days. Eating the food has been easy, even if constantly preparing food is not. 264 more words


On your mark...get set....GO!

Alright guys so I posted my first awkward initial post and waited a few days to post again. Since then I have been on point with my calories in, calories out, weight training and cardio escapades. 425 more words

Low Carb

3 Week Carb Cycling Rotation Plan

I’ve decided to rotate my carb cycles every week for the next three weeks. Initially I was going to start with the low classic plan but I read that the turbo plan gives the quickest results according to Chris Powell’s website. 152 more words

Weight Loss

Tempting, isn't it?

My last post spoke about moving to a carb cycling plan within the next three weeks. Well, I moved that up – and started this week :D The truth is, once I’d lost the Medifast food momentum, the food was no longer keeping me full and I wasn’t interested in eating it so I would skip meals and become REALLY hungry and then regret it. 427 more words