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How to Grow a Human....How to Shrink One

Hey guys and gals.  So this blog has thus far been mainly about essential oils, but I’ve been doing you all a disservice in that there is so much more to my life then JUST oils…now don’t get me wrong I’m pretty darned oily, but I do eat and breath and have fun with my family too.   4,381 more words

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It's Impossible to Concentrate

I’ve come to realize that I have an extremely hard time concentrating in college. All I ever think about is olympic lifting, my diet, mobility, small tweaks that I can do to my body with my nutrition and training that I can make me a perfect lifter. 556 more words

Vemma Bode

Back in October I purchased Chris Powell’s two books adding to my weight loss book library.  I love Chris Powell.  I love his show Extreme Makeover.   486 more words


Carb Cycling Weekly Meal Plan

I’m doing the Turbo Cycle from Chris Powell’s book “Choose More, Lose More for Life.

Chris Powell’s tip on how to ensure you’re drinking enough water is to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water.   349 more words


Carb Cycling 101

I’ve heard about Carb Cycling before but I didn’t put much interest into researching it since my Low Carb lifestyle was working for me at the time.   203 more words


Carb City

Using Carbohydrates Effectively

Before I begin I have to let people once again know that I only promote ideas or strategies for muscle building and fat loss that I have personally researched and tried on my own body. 1,563 more words

Carb cycling and Intermittent fasting

It all sounds very technical, and to some, very scary; there are certainly negative connotations with the word fasting across large swathes of the populous. However, if you take the time to dig into these topics, you’ll realize a couple of things: 664 more words

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