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Why You Should Eat More Whole Grains!

I have many people that are asking me for dieting and weight loss tips because I teach various fitness classes and I have a passion for nutrition.   421 more words

My Love Affair With Food...

I am in love with food, and my love affair with food has got to stop!

I eat food when I am happy.

I eat food when I am sad. 1,600 more words

Today= High Carbs! :-)

Well I originally thought this whole week was low Carb. Good thing I went back and re-read the nutrition suggestions for this week. Turns out that its actually Carb Cycling, so three days low Carb and one day high Carb for the next three weeks. 54 more words

Weight Loss

Day 45 of 90: I Can See the Finishing Line

After many false starts, a number of encouraging friends and a couple of providential circumstances, like having 2 newly built gyms on my doorstep (my membership gives me access to 8 gyms in the local area), I began a daily training/eating log 45 days ago (I’ll post my results again on day 60). 495 more words

Why Not Weighing Myself Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made

Here’s how you know your mind is finally relearning a few things about a realistic and positive weight loss journey…

Yesterday I was at Tucson Bariatric for an appt that had nothing to do with surgery or weight loss…long story…anyway, the Dr. 446 more words

Jessica's Journey After BL

Day 40 of 90: Carb me up Scotty - 5 SuperFoods

Although carbohydrates are the least essential macro-nutrient in your diet (protein, fats and carbs – in order of importance), if you deplete your carbs your body will burn fat instead, good carbs are essential for muscle gain and the energy needed for endurance training. 262 more words

Day 37 of 90 ”Snack Attack: A Snacking Super-Food”

If your anything like me you could always have a little snack. So what if I told you there was a snack that was cheap, easy to make, high in protein, high in fibre, relatively low in calories and comes in sweet and savoury varieties. 404 more words