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Carb Cycling - Week 3

Hi all,

So as I mentioned last week I am using carb cycling as my nutrition plan to accompany my Les Mills Body Pump workouts. 1,348 more words

New Week, New Outlook

This weekend was good for me emotionally and I was able to feel like I am past the stresses and anxieties that weighed on my mind for quite a long time now, which allowed me to focus on starting fresh with a new eating plan.  624 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Project Finish Line: 6 Weeks Later...

Hello again, friends!

Because I’m the incredible sand-bagger that I am, my last Project Finish Line blog post was written weeeeeks ago, and I just posted it last week. 818 more words

Clean Almond Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal

Let me start by saying that eating oatmeal without at least two tablespoons of butter and 1/4 of brown sugar per bowl is a huge accomplishment for me. 205 more words


Week 2

Hi all,

I started a new exercise program on November 3 and cleaned up my diet. I didn’t do any big blog fanfare with it, like I have done in the past because it can be intimidating to talk about. 1,055 more words

Plan of Attack

Like many people who struggle with controlling their weight, I have tried many different methods and diets.  I’ve been in LA Weight Loss, which worked as long as I was sticking to their diet but afterwards the weight just jumped right back on.  338 more words

Weight Loss

Throwback Thursday

Many people on social sites use Thursdays to post old photos, a throw-back to some random or significant event in their lives. I don’t often do that myself, but I did decide to look back at my… 414 more words