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Carbohydrates: The Real Enemy?

Low-Carb, No Carb, Carb FREE, Carb Carb Carb Carb – Seems all we hear about now a days is carbohydrates and how bad they are for us. 567 more words


Having gone back over my calendar I find that I am embarking upon week 9 of Operation Finish Line.

Like any Type A personality, I was hoping to come here today and tell you that I rocked out on yet another amazing week of kicking ass and taking names on my goals but, alas, it is not so. 1,304 more words

Eat ALL the CARBS!!

Not really.

Last week I happily completed a “slingshot” week! In Carb Cycling jargon, a slingshot week is a week when you have 6 high-carb days followed by a reward day!!! 574 more words

CI#98--Today's The Day

The worst part about taking a break is getting started again.  There is this amazing temptation to feel like a failure or even that life won’t be as lovely following “the rules” again.  472 more words


Health Horror on the Holidays!

The holidays are a major cause of diet failure. Various studies confirm that people tend to gain weight over the holidays. One study I found cited an average of 1 lb. 2,146 more words


CI#97--I'm Back From A Break

My last post swirled around the INSANITY of losing weight with thyroid disease and fibromyalgia.  My answer to that 12 October post: STOP.  Stop being insane. 1,197 more words


Meal plan for Carb cycling

We can find many carb cycling diet plans out there, however we may not find all of them with the foods we like. However we can create our own meal plan. 317 more words

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