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Run Less, Eat More - Carb Loading

I didn’t post this at the time because I was a little too focused with eating carbs and worrying about the big day but hopefully this will be useful to anyone who wants to know what to do and more importantly what to eat a week before a marathon. 965 more words


Natures Best Isopure ReadytoDrink Apple Melon Zero Carb 20Ounce12Case Systems

To do this, you must have a web presence in 3 areas: You must have a domain name. You must have a website. And, you must have a website hosting account. 310 more words

The low-carb convert

Until a few weeks ago, it had never really occurred to me that my meat-free diet may have been steering me towards one heavy in carbohydrates. 503 more words


Clean eating and being 'creative'

I was a little undecided what to have for dinner tonight and so thought a 3 egg
omelette with a chopped onion would be nice and easy. 39 more words

My Story

What a day

Since this is my first posting, im assuming that you are wondering why you are reading this. Honestly I dont know why. I’m making this blog to keep track of all the things I do in a day, because I forget a lot. 304 more words

Balance is the key!

Hello friends! It’s been a while… I’ve been a little preoccupied cooking a bun in the oven. Now that my little bundle of joy is three months old, I can get back into blogging! 720 more words

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