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Listing updates

So I’ve been busy updating the housing listings to include a Q&A with the builders as well as changing up the layouts. I’ve had positive feedback so far so I will continue to update them as I get responses from the builders. 97 more words

I know it's not a decor item but ...

I couldn’t resist posting pics of the Rear Flair Entertainer’s Platter-Player since I’ve been crossing my fingers every time I open a Boom Box. Well today’s the day luck was with me and I scored one of my own, which is fitting since I’m a DJ on Split Infinity Radio !

This week we visited ....

For this weeks show we took a drive by the Hazak server to check out Tron (aka MadMurphys) builds including the one he did in conjunction with his  15 more words

Looking for something to do on Evindra?

Got skills and think your bucket of bolts is the fastest in the Nexus. Put your money where your mouth is on the Katia Prix 1000… 49 more words

Different Types of Guns for Sale

With plenty of guns for sale available in the UK today, it can be pretty difficult to choose one that is best suited for you. Though shotguns and air guns are the most common type of guns sold and used in the UK, you might want to know the different types of guns for sale so that you will be able to narrow down your choices when purchasing a gun for yourself. 365 more words


Nerf Housing is coming to A Slice Of Nexus!

Listen up cupcake Gedi the master of Wildstar tips & tricks videos on Nerf Housing is coming to A Slice of Nexus! What does this mean? 43 more words