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MIA is over!

Well after a long month of going rounds with a local PC shop I’ve finally managed to get my PC fixed (fingers crossed). Starting this week I’ll be browsing the Wildstar forums as well as plot hopping on the exile side on both Orias & Evindra. 64 more words

First Look - Boxing Ring Plug [Wildstar Housing - PTR Previews]

Check out Gedi’s first look at an upcoming housing plot item that can be purchased for gold which places the item in the large plot that doesn’t require a FabKit. 23 more words

Listing updates

So I’ve been busy updating the housing listings to include a Q&A with the builders as well as changing up the layouts. I’ve had positive feedback so far so I will continue to update them as I get responses from the builders. 97 more words

I know it's not a decor item but ...

I couldn’t resist posting pics of the Rear Flair Entertainer’s Platter-Player since I’ve been crossing my fingers every time I open a Boom Box. Well today’s the day luck was with me and I scored one of my own, which is fitting since I’m a DJ on Split Infinity Radio !