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PvP gear problems in Wildstar and solutions

When it comes to Wildstar PvP, I am in love with the actual process of fighting and playing the game modes. What I am not in love with is the massive gear disparity and the problems that come with having gear attached to rating. 841 more words


9 Arbitrarily Picked Bullet Points About Wildstar

It’s been over two weeks since I was dragged against my will, kicking and screaming, head first into the world of Wildstar, and if you were curious, yes – that was a pregnancy metaphor.  1,471 more words


Dev Speak - Sabotage

They’ve released this great video of upcoming 15v15 PvP with bombs !!! Bomb your enemies, bomb your teammates wreak havoc on the other 29 people in the instance map!

'WildStar' Part Two - The Saviour of In-Game Housing

Part One of WildStar can be found here.

House customisation has always been one factor of a game which I immensely enjoy. Whether it be designing and building a house on Sims or propping up with properties around Skyrim, it is something which you can control how you desire. 757 more words


Welcome to the Jungle

This weeks addition to the site takes you to the jungles of Pago on the Exile side. If you’re brave enough to traverse the jungle… 11 more words

Check out these hot new additions!

Head to Pergo (Dominion Side) if you’re up for a jump challenge. Bago has created a course that will put your double jump to the test! 22 more words

Friday top five: My favorite things in WildStar

I’ve been playing WildStar for about six weeks, and I’m still enjoying the game immensely. I really see this as a game that I could play for quite some time, especially since Carbine seems to be dedicated to providing consistent content updates. 763 more words