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Now graduation ceremonies harm the environment

Oregon’s Statesman Journal describes a new program undertaken by Oregon’s Green Schools that are based on the idea that graduation ceremonies harm the environment. The estimated 30,000 graduating students in state high schools will require caps, gowns and tassels, respectfully. 182 more words

Steps Citizens can take to Reduce Carbon Foot Print

Here are a some of steps citizens can take to Reduce Carbon Foot Print:

  • 1.      Tree Plantation - Trees play a very crucial role in maintaining the CO2 / Oxygen balance in the nature.
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Carbon Foot Print

2014: watershed moments in sustainability | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

2014 is a year with some important progress highlights towards a sustainable world, including the now public secretly negotiated US-China 2025 CO2 emissions reduction deal, and more. 38 more words

Climate Change

Companies back away from renewable energy credits

Aside from Al Gore’s carbon offset green scheme, there is another environmental privilege method used that is said to help people reduce their carbon emissions: Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). 372 more words

Study: Electric cars and ethanol not better than gasoline

A surprising news story published by The Associated Press. A study just published Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that electric cars might be doing more harm than good to the environment. 435 more words

Keystone XL pipeline: What environmentalists don't want you to know

ReasonTV has done a video outlining three reasons why the Keystone pipeline should be built. It also brings up some facts that have not been reported in the media and I am sure green groups don’t want to be known. 125 more words

Six products for your Christmas list care of NRDC

The National Resource Defense Council has made a list of six products that they recommend people avoid buying associating the products they decry as contributing deforestation in Latin America and (you guessed it) global warming because each of the items involves lots of carbon emissions to produce them. 169 more words