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Stop Collaborating

“People ought to support mitigation and adaptation within their own line of work…If you’re a butcher, baker, ballerina, banker, or a plumber, envision yourself as the post-fossil-fuel version of yourself, and get right after it. 38 more words


Pay It Local

In Ball State University’s Down to Earth documentary about sustainable food systems, renegade farmer Joel Salatin makes a key point about the importance of spending food dollars locally. 427 more words


Meat as a treat

The livestock industry contributes to approximately 14.8% of greenhouse gas emissions. Eating more meals without meat is one simple way that you can reduce your carbon footprint. 325 more words

Eating Green

Localizing the Winery

When is a winery more than a winery? When it contributes to revitalizing a rural community, putting the local economy at the forefront of its mission. 326 more words