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Facebook's fourth data center is running on a breeze

Facebook’s current mood: eco-friendly.

The company’s fourth data center is now up and running in Altoona, Iowa, and it is not leaving it’s carbon footprint behind. 122 more words

How To Improve Your Gas Mileage By Changing Your Behavior

Simple changes to driving behavior can significantly reduce individual carbon footprints and increase gas mileage efficiency. When cars burn gasoline, they emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which acts as a greenhouse gas by absorbing and radiating heat back down to earth. 482 more words


Another month, the pickings are good :-)

The blog continues, a case study in how much 100+ apts. toss out, and i don’t even look that hard, i just skim the surface. Just that is a damning enough comment on our ‘toss it out’ culture. 2,331 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver

Avoid consumption: How to reduce dairy consumption in 10 steps

Dairy products are high carbon. Cattle produce methane, plus cattle eat grain grown on land that should be growing rainforests. The main argument for eating dairy is as a source of calcium to reduce the risks of osteoporosis. 508 more words

Carbon Footprint

Happiness is being GREEN

Hey all,

I am so excited I am up early on a Saturday…..why? Because last night I brought home my brand new Nissan Leaf! I have been wishing for the day I could trade in my old Saturn SUV (gas eater) for a greener alternative, and after some extensive research by myself and the husband, I locked on to the Leaf. 375 more words

The Beginning

Power Solutions UK have adopted an Adélie penguin

What a lovely surprise, instead of receiving a Christmas card from a colleague today, Power Solutions have adopted an Adélie penguin.

Adélies have recently been listed as ‘Near Threatened’ by the IUCN. 322 more words

I Want to Compost Too!

I live in Montreal, and I love it. It’s a cosmopolitan city with an environmentally conscious population, but its waste management practices are in desperate need of an overhaul. 142 more words

Apartment Composting