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Living Green - How you can Make a Difference

What would you do if somebody came into your house and started destroying it, making it uninhabitable? That is exactly what we are doing to the only home we really have: earth. 556 more words

Carbon Footprint

4 Reasons to Can Your Fruits and Veggies

If you ask Pinterest, mason jars are the new duct tape. From lamps to soap dispensers, it seems like there are few things you can’t make with a mason jar. 306 more words

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Two Weeks In...

Well we’ve been in our new house a fortnight and we’re s l o w l y getting sorted. We’ve had a quote for a new roof that would make you choke on your dinner, but thankfully the plumbing issues were (relatively) minor, as are the electrical problems. 174 more words


Meat: Don't Eat It or Buy It Local

Eating meat is not the most environmentally-friendly life choice. According to a 2006 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock are responsible for emitting about… 591 more words

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Bike powered air conditioner?

My bike—which was left out all last winter; that hard, cold long winter—is finally in working condition again.  Her gears were stuck, and I hadn’t gotten her tuned up in forever due to being perpetually pregnant & broke.  844 more words


Eating Fewer Resources

The food we eat has some kind of environmental cost – usually in the form of land to grow the food, water, fertilizer and pollution due to the machinery used. 341 more words

Sainsbury’s Leads Retail in Sustainability Innovation

Without question U.K. retailers are light years ahead of their U.S. counterparts when it comes to reaping the rewards of sustainability and transforming their operations to be more environmentally friendly. 682 more words