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Going up? Take the stairs

Taking the elevator every day is easy and requires hardly any energy…at least not on your behalf. However, taking the elevator should not become part of your everyday routine, especially if you are capable of taking the stairs. 340 more words

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Opinion: Lake Hill development should be carbon-neutral

Smart up-front planning can minimize our carbon footprint

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Passage of the Lake Hill land conveyance bill by the U.S. Senate last week is good news for Summit County’s efforts to try and keep up with the demand for affordable housing in the pricey mountain resort region, and will also help the U.S. 838 more words


Monday Moaning

All over the planet there are people who care about our little dirt ball.

Individuals, whole families and some responsible business are involved in reducing pollution and lessening their carbon footprint; doing every little thing to try and make a difference. 112 more words

Monday Moaning

Solar Panels, Carbon Footprints, and the Consolation of Aviophobia

The EPA tells me that I can reduce my carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy, travel, and trash by about 40 percent by doing simple things such as drying half of my laundry over the backs of chairs. 554 more words


The childless hiding behind carbon footprints

“To breed or not to breed, this was the question,” pondered one married woman writing for The Seattle Times. Her article, “ Why I Am Not Having Kids ,” offered many reasons for her decision, including: “Not having a child is the most important thing I could do to reduce my carbon footprint.” I might add, another way is to stop writing for newspapers printed on murdered trees.

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Australia legislation change prompts second look at reducing carbon footprint

The Green community took a hit Thursday when Australian government repealed a carbon tax on the country’s worst greenhouse gas polluters, dubbed an “appalling day for Australia” by one of the tax’s supporters. 424 more words


Think Before you Toss!

Most people don’t think too much about the trash they toss into the garbage. Yet, as these crazy cool and informative pictures to show, the amount of trash a typical family produces in one week can add up quickly! 119 more words

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