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Shorter hair for a lower carbon footprint?

Hair dryers are notoriously energy hungry, so surely shorter hair that is quicker to dry could reduce carbon without changing your lifestyle…

Through laziness, I had become ‘the one with the long hair’. 152 more words

Carbon Footprint

Green Tips Courtesy of Our Green Queens

Some green tips, courtesy of Miss Earth South Africa:


  • Choose organic produce when in the supermarket.
  • Take your own shopping bags with you when shopping, each time you purchase bags, they are likely to go straight into a waste bin and on to a landfill.
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Sustainable Living

The Viridescent Nag

On three separate occasions, when working at different companies, I attempted to make my colleagues more ‘green.’

Green Suggestions

I would suggest simple, achievable things; things we all should be doing anyway. 607 more words

Carbon Footprint

Still living better

Poor blog! Lonely, abandoned, empty and probably wondering what ever happened to all the good intentions that led to the blog in the first place. Well, let me tell you – they are still very much alive and put into practice as much as possible. 597 more words


Pre Christmas Clear-Out, Part 3

Let’s get one thing straight: More stuff does not equal more happiness. In fact, some would argue the opposite. This will go against every shopping fiber in your being, but practice saying this outloud: 592 more words

Green Living

Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations are a series of meetings with trained facilitators that offer a supportive group experience that helps students halve their personal carbon footprint by connecting to the participants values, emotions and identity. 523 more words