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What Kind of Winter Can We Expect?

With the winter season on its way, it is helpful to predict the average temperature range so that you can plan how to keep you and your family safe and warm. 323 more words


Long-term exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning can cause permanent brain damage.

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odourless and undetectable to the human senses. It is the leading cause of death by poisoning worldwide.

Long-term exposure at low levels causes many health problems, physical and mental, often confused with other conditions. 74 more words

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

What it is like having dyspraxia as a child, and a question. Are some cases of dyspraxia caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in infancy?

Growing up in the fifties, dyspraxia either had not been identified or was unknown outside specialist areas.

The first official recognition that there was something wrong was when a teacher complained to my parents that I wasn’t doing my homework, specifically not learning my spellings. 1,493 more words

Are gang stalkers using carbon monoxide poisoning against their targets?

Obviously this is a theory. This is my argument.

Gang stalkers engage in a range of weird, inexplicable behaviours, according to their Targets. These include the following:- 666 more words

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Some Targets assert that they are being poisoned.

Immediately they are accused of paranoia, however some things connected to the gang stalking tactics are suggestive. 518 more words

Tesla Owners' Full-Page Newspaper Ad Gets Elon Musk's Attention


Is there any other way to catch Elon Musk’s attention? I just have a few questions for him. I was thinking about making a large sealed enclosed box and sitting in a running car parked inside. 71 more words

Illinois Schools Not Required By Law to Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors

GIRARD, Ill. (IRN) - More than 100 people – most of them children – were sickened when carbon monoxide leaked from a faulty water heater flue at an intermediate school in Girard on Monday. 169 more words