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Cleaning dirty gas enabling CO2 sales to dirtier oil producers

Note: This sentence pretty much sums it all up: “He’s betting hydrocarbon consumers will increasingly opt to trap emissions from natural gas, if not to help the environment then to duck potential government sanctions — or to sell CO2 at a profit.

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The World Bank's role in climate and energy finance

By Chris Lang, February 25, 2014. Source: REDD Monitor

Bruce Rich’s excellent new book about the World Bank, features two chapters about the Bank’s role in climate and energy finance. 1,403 more words

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Forest Stewardship Council certification does not guarantee reduced forest carbon emissions

By Chris Lang, February 19, 2014. Source: REDD Monitor

A recent study in East Kalimantan revealed no difference in carbon emissions between Forest Stewardship Council certified logging operations and conventional logging concessions. 813 more words

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