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Europe's economic suicide

Is bureaucracy killing the European Union?

From Roger Helmer’s blog

EU Energy Policy is Industrial Suicide
Posted on January 21, 2015

The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) … 852 more words


Programme aims to 'neutralise' CO2 emissions

LATAM Airlines Group and SCX Southern Climate Stock Exchange are launching a programme intended to offset carbon dioxide emissions from partners’ corporate air travel. 206 more words


Revisiting the scare about carbon pollution--yes, ninny, you exhale CO2 at 40,000 PPM

In the ambient air CO2 (carbon dioxide, a non toxic, invisible odorless gas) is around 400 PPM by volume, which is 0.04% by volume. 221 more words

Climate Change

EU's rate of decarbonisation is identical before and after the ETS was introduced in 2000

Whatever impact the EU ETS has had, the US achieved similar results with no carbon market (and some might argue, with no climate policy at all. 11 more words

Environmental Economics

Carbon Trading

Emissions trading, a market-based instrument used for environmental protection, has been adopted as one of the primary tools for international cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. 2,040 more words

OTC Derivatives

The Ice Age Cometh

Long John Silver’s Return to Treasure Island (1954) Trailer

Arr, matey. ‘Twere in the Me Decade when the stargazers met and decided the termination of the Holocene bee imminent. 832 more words