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Hypocrisy: Soros' "Pro-Union" Media Matters Resists It's Own Unionization

Irony: George Soros-Funded Media Matters Fights Unionization

” George Soros-funded Media Matters for America , a far-left progressive group that has as one of their top priorities to attack FOX News, is taking a very unprogressive-like stance on labor unions.

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Captive Audience Meetings: A Backgrounder

A video produced by Target for use during captive audience meetings was leaked last month. The video warns employees, “If Target faced rigid union contracts like some of our competitors, our ability to serve our guests could suffer dramatically – and with fewer guests, what happens to our team?” It added that if a union were elected, “chances are would change our fast, fun and friendly culture, with their way of doing business.” The video closes with the words: “Refuse to sign, and keep Target union free.” 643 more words

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