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Lambtown Ladies Sing This Song...

Oh, Lambtown. I know I always gripe about how you’re always on the same weekend as everything else cool that my friends want me to go to, but man, am I glad this year that we got things out of the way before school really started. 416 more words

Plant dyed pebble dragons

Dragons galore!

I’m growing really fond of these sweet, little dragons. They’re quick enough, and the pebble weave means that they use far less yarn compared to other patterns. 94 more words

Card Weaving

Dragon pebble weave

Another Sunday, another card woven band finished. This time is was technically a pebble weave test, but I realised as I wove it that the colours were of the kind that a recent friend of me likes; dusty and not too loud. 89 more words

Card Weaving

Another band finished!

This lovely band from Applesies and Fox Noses I started a couple weeks ago is finally finished! Instead of just two colors, I made the S’s down the center green, and the borders blue. 53 more words


So About that Workshop...

One thing that’s been difficult for me in transitioning from hobbyist fiber arts nerd to semi-professional fiber arts nerd is fighting the sense that I’m wasting time when, for example, skimming 19th century travelogues for descriptions of shepherding practices. 154 more words