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The card weaving in action

When I get it all written, I’ll load a few pages of background on the history and archaeology of all this weaving  –  including card weaving (or tablet weaving, as it’s also known).   415 more words

Card Weaving

Making a card weaving loom

According to the web sites, I can tie my warp to a door knob and proceed with card weaving without any loom at all.  I tried that, but I think I need more consistent tension … and I need to let people in the door sometimes!   24 more words

Card Weaving

Trondheim reconstruction

Here, about a month ago, I got another wonderful challenge in the long line of commissions which makes me better. This time, a brocade reconstruction based on this little 3 cm long, 9 mm wide piece of silk and gold found in Trondheim around the 11th century. 270 more words

Card Weaving

Tablet Weaving

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that my boyfriend and I are avid historical reenactors, especially of the 8th century Viking kind. 155 more words