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Cheating and Cardfight Vanguard

This is a hobby post.

My hobby, when not writing, typing up papers doing research or crushing my enemies and hearing the lamentations of the women, I play the card game Cardfight vanguard. 376 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

The Narrative Archetype

Probably one of the simplest archetypes to satisfy, the Narrative Archetype wants to be able to tell a story with their games. They want to go on a metaphorical journey within the game, where their character, game play style, or themselves, somehow changed. 247 more words


Stand Up! - My Vanguard Journey

Okay I got a confession to make. (All right it’s not really a confession but more of a statement actually.) I’m really a flavor player… 1,066 more words


Spike Brothers Bad End Dragger

Deck List
Starter: Mecha Trainer

Grade 0 (16 – Triggers)
4x Draw (Cheerful Lynx)
8x Critical (4x Sonic Breaker, 4x Silence Joker)
4x Heal (Cheer Girl, Tiara) 1,193 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Card Games and Life Lessons


So today, I got a hold of some Cardfight! Vanguard cards from my boyfriend. At first, I knew that he was going to give me Lozenge Magus, as he probably discovered this in his booster pack while arranging his deck. 757 more words


Tournament Report (30/03/14) - Guys That Game Hobby Shop

So, I’ve been going down to my “locals” (half an hour drive, close enough) to play Yu-Gi-Oh! for the longest time. However, the game was getting stale and boring, so I switched to my locals other game of preference, Cardfight Vanguard. 850 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Dragonic Overlord The End

Deck List
Starter: Lizard Soldier, Conroe

Grade 0 (Triggers)
4x Heal (Any combination of Dragon Dancer, Barbara OR Dragon Dancer, Therese OR Dragon Monk, Genjo OR Seal Dragon, Shirting) 618 more words

Cardfight Vanguard