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The Narrative Archetype

Probably one of the simplest archetypes to satisfy, the Narrative Archetype wants to be able to tell a story with their games. They want to go on a metaphorical journey within the game, where their character, game play style, or themselves, somehow changed. 247 more words


Stand Up! - My Vanguard Journey

Okay I got a confession to make. (All right it’s not really a confession but more of a statement actually.) I’m really a flavor player… 1,066 more words


Spike Brothers Bad End Dragger

Deck List
Starter: Mecha Trainer

Grade 0 (16 – Triggers)
4x Draw (Cheerful Lynx)
8x Critical (4x Sonic Breaker, 4x Silence Joker)
4x Heal (Cheer Girl, Tiara) 1,193 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Card Games and Life Lessons


So today, I got a hold of some Cardfight! Vanguard cards from my boyfriend. At first, I knew that he was going to give me Lozenge Magus, as he probably discovered this in his booster pack while arranging his deck. 757 more words


Tournament Report (30/03/14) - Guys That Game Hobby Shop

So, I’ve been going down to my “locals” (half an hour drive, close enough) to play Yu-Gi-Oh! for the longest time. However, the game was getting stale and boring, so I switched to my locals other game of preference, Cardfight Vanguard. 850 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Dragonic Overlord The End

Deck List
Starter: Lizard Soldier, Conroe

Grade 0 (Triggers)
4x Heal (Any combination of Dragon Dancer, Barbara OR Dragon Dancer, Therese OR Dragon Monk, Genjo OR Seal Dragon, Shirting) 618 more words

Cardfight Vanguard

Ancient Dragons

Deck List
Starter: Ancient Dragon, Baby Rex

Grade 0 (Triggers)
4x Heal (Ancient Dragon, Orinthohealer)
4x Draw (Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo)
8x Critical (Ancient Dragon, Dinodile AND Black Cannon Tiger) 855 more words

Cardfight Vanguard