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Flattering Skirt, Loud Shirt

Sometimes I follow the rules of fashion and wear “flattering” clothes.

Mostly I just wear what I like but every now and then I wear something black, or vertical….wait a minute, I never wear vertical stripes. 377 more words


Being a lady, Colors of Kauai Cardigan

I like being in the city.
I get to wear my lady-dresses and sit up straight and drink tea. I like to do so, every once and awhile. 327 more words


Completed: The Jenna Cardi (+GIVEAWAY)

In my wardrobe, I have a very small selection of RTW clothing that is quickly dwindling to nothing. Out of those pieces, the majority of them are lightweight knit cardigans. 1,512 more words

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Polka Dot Fun

Today there were little people at school with me!

It was very exciting, they were all so wide-eyed and chatty. I loved that they all called me “Mrs Butler” instead of “Miss” because they did a topic on the poem and book last year. 405 more words


Smart Funky Fun

I have spent all day being taught how to blog as a part of a training session!

You would think I would be bored of it by now but, unfortunately for you lot, I’m not. 445 more words


Professional yet Fabulous

Today I went to big school!

I started my new job as a TA which I’m very excited about. Mostly because it’s close to home, it’s a new challenge, and it’s a different view on education to my previous work experience. 572 more words


Rainy Day Drabulous

Today I’m shopping, in the rain.

The worst conditions to shop in, because it’s not cold so I want to be wearing something warm and dry enough to be rained on but not a big waterproof coat to get sweaty in. 527 more words