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Respect your temple.

The past few days have shown me just how out of shape I really am.

Good morning, brothers and sisters. I know that you are all as blessed as I am. 495 more words

Body Massage and Care: 3 Simple steps for Complete Body and Skin care!

Nothing tells more about you than your skin. Not just your facial skin, but your body too! You are always conscious about your face. No time for the rest? 360 more words

Skin Care

Power of Attorney for Child Care and Summer Vacation

With summer in full swing, a lot of families are looking forward to a time when they can take their summer vacations by relaxing on a beach, visiting an exotic land, or spending time with friends and family. 147 more words



‘Warn… those who are out of line.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:14 AMP

‘Warn… those who are out of line… encourage the timid… help… the weak.’ Sadly, we’d rather stay quiet and be popular than speak difficult truth into the lives of others. 1,568 more words


Building Faith and Trust: Weaving the Fabric of an Organization

Faith is built of two ingredients: veracity and care. You have faith in someone because, first, you believe they are truthful with you, and also, you feel they have your best interest at heart. 298 more words

Building Organizations

Kohler Part # PA-75573 CV23S E2 HUSQVARNA CARE - ZTR reviews

Kohler Part # PA-75573 CV23S E2 HUSQVARNA CARE – ZTR

Kohler Part # PA-75573 CV23S E2 HUSQVARNA CARE – ZTR. If you looking for Kohler Part # PA-75573 CV23S E2 HUSQVARNA CARE – ZTR. 85 more words

"You look ridiculous in that outfit"

This is always the case.

Something new is always used first by people who are willing to look ridiculous, at least for a few minutes. 263 more words