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The Unseen hidden in me

I hide it well
Beneath the scars
And smile I wear
The tensions and strains
Of pain at bare
Wracked Dailly contorted faze
Raining on all the sunny days… 115 more words


Proving Society Wrong

July 14 1995, a baby girl was born into a loving family at the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford. Mother and Father loved that baby girl. 1,128 more words


Heights. The dark. Bugs. Clowns. People are afraid of all these things, but the reasons why are all different. Sometimes we don’t know why we’re scared. 444 more words

Hair Care

Essentious unique formulas nourish and rejuvenate your hair with proven ingredients for hair that is noticeably thicker, stronger, and longer.

I think i might try this product. 44 more words

Your moment to shine

Looking good is feeling good. If you take good care of your skin you’ll feel like you shine. You can have the feeling that you take good care, but you still don’t see results. 457 more words


Monday Brain Fart

Thought for the day! Best lesson learned on this beautiful Monday.


Our Relationships with Words

We all have a different relationship with words.

Many are unacquainted with words. Sure, they know about words, have heard of them, can recite their alphabetic makeup. 532 more words