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It hurts..

It’s so hard seeing the person you care about most hurt. It hurts you that you cant do anything for that person no matter what you say or do that person won’t be happy because only one thing will make them happy and that one thing will make others unhappy because that person doesn’t know how much they mean to the people in their lives right now. 81 more words

Missing an Anchor

I just had a moment of complete despair. A sinking feeling settled over my stomach as my mind continued, or should I say continues to float somewhere I don’t even recognise. 351 more words


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Bridgeport bridgeport health care|203-275-0889|Dentist|Dental Implant|Best Dentist|Affordable|bridgeDo You have a tooth pain and require the discomfort to stop? Are you currently having a. dental emergency Emergency situation panic and depend on your oral care to just anyone. 132 more words

Care if you share.

Hi folks!

So today I got bored waiting in the waiting room for my physiotherapy appointment. Not only am I someone who will instantly fall into a deep (albeit satisfying) nap if I don’t have something keeping my mind active, but I also sadly lack the respectful virtue of patience… and it  1,241 more words

Where u at

So in the last few months I became a barista, obsessed with huskies, a snorlax and just pretty much busy.

But I’ve really missed blogging and I’ve now decided to return and really try to keep up so I hope it works out and I’ll see you soon

The death of a baby carrier

Carriers, like most things products, wear out.  How quickly that happens depends on several factors like what it’s made of, the the way it’s worn, how often it’s washed, etc.  1,518 more words

The greatest thing we can do for others is love them

Matthew 8:14-16 (AMP) 14 And when Jesus went into Peter’s house, He saw his mother-in-law lying ill with a fever. 15 He touched her hand and the fever left her; and she got up and began waiting on Him. 469 more words

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