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Sorrow filled Sorrow

He lay awake. Broken and bruised.

Attacked by anger. Condemned by hate.

Innocent is he who is just a babe

By the guilt of those filled with rage. 140 more words

Scientists Identify the Key to Satisfaction in Later Life

Scientists have spent centuries exploring the true meaning of happiness. They have attempted to uncover the key to unlocking happiness and satisfaction in later life. Professor Monika Ardelt tackled this question by evaluating the existing research on aging and creating her own 39 question scale. 26 more words

April Showers: Skin Care in Humid Climates

Being able to enjoy the warm weather during the summer is delightful, but hot, humid air can wreak havoc on your skin. The excess heat and humidity causes the skin to produce excess amounts of oil, which can lead to an increase in breakouts as well as skin that looks overly shiny. 140 more words

Huge accomplishment

Did you notice I wasn’t reading posts today?
I apologize for that and will catch up…
BUT do you know what I was doing? BOTH my… 49 more words



It seems like no one cares anymore.
Like no ones there.
I’m all alone in my world.

I can’t run to anyone with my problems. 7 more words


“Why should I have reasons to care, why can’t I because I want to? why is that such a foreign concept?”
“because its never happened to me…”

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