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5 Lessons I've Learned From Mentor-In-My-Head Marshawn Evans

Happy Thursday!

I’m very blessed to have amazing mentors in my life that have provided me with great guidance, advice and unconditional support. But as I continue to grow personally and professionally, I’m remain aware of those individuals who have characteristics that I aspire to attain in the near future. 527 more words


Ever Get That Feeling?

I mentioned that I was going to enter a writing contest. Well, I found another one whose theme is love. I drafted one about my first crush, but thought about writing about my first dog. 75 more words

Forget, evolve, progress

I was a a little tied up last week dealing with a life long fear. It’s nothing crazy – I was not battling cancer, swimming with sharks, or crawling through snakes – I was asked to speak in front of a group and present a topic. 423 more words


Business Cards 101

Let’s get down to business… Cards! First of all, please tell me the song from Mulan came to mind with my title because I definitely sang it a few times before writing this! 1,458 more words

Business Cards

5 Fun Facts About Journalism

I was lucky enough to be one of 150 attendees at Google’s annual “Google For Media” Conference this week, where speakers from some of my favorite news publications like the New York Times, TIME Magazine and ABC News talked about journalism in the digital age. 731 more words


This is Not a Food Blog

The last two weeks have been bizarre. Not in any negative way, but in the surreal, unforgettable, “how is this my life?” style. I attended the Tin House Writer’s Workshop at Reed College, workshopping with a writer I’ve idolized all through my MFA, THE Jo Ann Beard. 655 more words