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Do you know how to market yourself?

On your route to success, you need to know how to sell  — or market– yourself. Some experts say there are five Ps to marketing. Others claim there are six. 180 more words

Career Advancement

8 Secrets Of Power Networkers

You’ve no doubt heard it a million times: Career advancement is as much about who you know as what you know — and that’s exactly why being a powerful networker is so important. 1,773 more words


Ideas Without Action Fall Short

Working in the learning and development space, I’ve had the privilege of working with some brilliant and creative people. Some of the concepts and ideas they’ve come up with have been astounding to say the least. 687 more words

Professional Development

5 Ways to Successfully Manage Office Politics

Office politics arises purely from the differences between people at work. Usually, differences in opinions, perceived conflict of interest and breakdown in human relationships often manifest outwardly as office politics. 569 more words


Your Career Advancement Timeline

If you have a career, or know someone who does, it’s important to make sure you’re learning and advancing at the right pace to remain employable. 503 more words

Talent Acquisition

Fit for Me - My Priorities

About two weeks ago I asked my VP if he’d be interested in blogging on our social business platform. To my surprise, he said yes and quickly wrote an insightful blog about an exercise called “fit for me,” in which you write down a list of things that make you happy at work in order to try to tailor your work experience to fit your needs. 838 more words

Is your communication style holding you back?

How aware are you of your communication style? Do you tend to talk over people? Or do you listen intently before speaking? Perhaps you’re the first to reply no matter what the topic. 411 more words