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What does "confident mother" mean to you?

What does being a confident mother mean to you?

To me, being a confident mother is about feeling comfortable in how I behave when I am with my children; how I show my love; how I show my support; how I balance my work with my family; how I spend my time with my family; how I deal with crises (such as sleeping through my alarm, … 337 more words


The really simple way to decide on a career change

If you are feeling frustrated or trapped in your current job or career, it IS possible to make a change. Often when I am working with clients, they know they don’t enjoy what they are doing but they are unable to pinpoint what they want to do instead. 336 more words

Working Mum

One week at the deli counter is worth one year of counselling

Driving home from work along the deserted hill roads, I was reflecting on my supermarket job. The boost this menial job is giving me is phenomenal. 455 more words


The Natural Break

14 years in one place and the second 7 year itch is too strong to ignore. Enjoying the natural break with a trip around Europe to firstly take up resident at a ski resort then to take a trip around European retreats to savour what they are about so that we may tailor our upcoming retreats for 2015 on the farm. 60 more words

Career Break

A wish list

Over the last few years, big companies such as Google and Virgin have gone out of their way to provide ‘fun’ working environments for their staff: astroturf on the floor, meetings held on picnic benches and an ice-cream van that gets cycled around the office once a day. 785 more words

Sierra Baguales and little bit of geology!

Snow covered Baguales

Walking up to the fossilized leaves

This is a bit of a back track, but definitely worth writing about as it is such a beautiful place. 1,281 more words



Well, the British weather has most definitely turned now. The first days of October were still pretty much like summer, but in the past week I have got rained on heavily more than once on my way to Portslade. 574 more words