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I’ve been having one of those weeks where I’ve written half a post, deleted it again, written something else, not looked at it for a while, deleted it, wanted to make time to do a drawing, felt uninspired, watched MasterChef instead. 581 more words

What made you do it?

Last week my boss sent out the email letting everyone know that after 8 long years I had finally decided to hang up my suit and start my big adventure. 889 more words

Career Break

Czech mate part 2!

First time to Czech Republic was with a tour for half a day, intense and speedy, I didn’t really have time to interact with the people, to fully enjoy the sceneries. 699 more words

Europe Trip

Venice in pictures!

Apologies for the short hiatus from our blog! It was for good reason, as we spent nearly a month camping in Africa where WIFI is not a priority.  470 more words


The Count Down Begins!

4 weeks and counting… the well paid and comfortable job comes to an end, I wave farewell to London and everyone I love that keeps me here and I move to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for 5 months.   78 more words

Career Break

Some thoughts on friendship: Anne and Peggy chew the fat...

I have been reflecting on the importance of having inter-generational friendships, in relation to the type of society in which we live which is riven by a huge paradox. 548 more words

01 - New Posts: January 2014 Onwards


I’m a bit late with this week’s post. Some weeks, I have to admit, I struggle to decide what to write about. I want to try and avoid repeating myself too much, although I probably do sometimes. 497 more words