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I started another wordpress blog a couple of months ago when despairing slightly about how uninterested in my job I was, however the blog was short lived as it didn’t really have any purpose or theme, and I quickly lost interest. 780 more words


A brief French adventure

“You go 20k and a donkey means a ladle.” This is how our interpreter for the European project I am working on, an Englishman who moved to Brittany over 20 years ago, described the idiosyncrasies of the local dialect. 778 more words


People tend to think that a writing/video has to have a theme, or lesson learned from it.  Generally speaking, I agree.  However, there are times when the best slices of life to capture are the unfiltered and unorganized thoughts running through your mind at a given point.   65 more words


We could really use somebody here...

Road Music – Disc#7
Only By the Night by Kings of Leon

As clouds immersed Cypress wooded hillsides and misty rain turned heavy we legged it back up the sidewalks of Caleta Tortel to the car parking housing Elvis, our camper van, and decided to scarper. 642 more words



An enlightened philosopher once said that a real man is defined by his cutlery.  Not by his car, house, clothes, job, etc., but by his culinary tools.   328 more words


Balderson and beyond

Today is the Monday of a holiday long weekend in Ontario (and much of Canada). It’s been a beautiful hot summer weekend, somewhat rare this summer. 128 more words

Family Trip


When I usually post in this section, it is because something (or someone) has caught my eye due to its uniqueness, or flat out oddness.  But to see multiple phenomenon in one day certainly took me aback as I currently ponder them in my morning after haze.   93 more words