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After the usual workday routine, it’s time to don the domestic goddess apron.  There has been a disruption in the force, a deviation from our usual routine.  949 more words

Ellie Mack

Profound Lyrics

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to do some soul-searching and self-evaluating.  It’s a difficult and painful process. There are aspects that bring a smile to my face, others that trigger the tears to fall, and still others that give the warm fuzzies.   1,708 more words

Ellie Mack

It's Almost Here

I have spent the bulk of my day  filling out online applications. I believe the online process is designed to test your patience, and provide humiliation for  any possibility of  feeling confident in your abilities.   470 more words

Ellie Mack

Craftmanship: Choosing Your Path.

As a person you get to a moment where you have to pick a career path. Some people are clear about their dream career from the earliest stages in their lives. 264 more words

Mind & Personal Development

Generation X: The Rising Cover Reveal

As I sat pounding away at the keys trying to expand a short story to a longer short story for submission to a specific call from a publisher, I get a message from a phenomenal woman.   724 more words

Ellie Mack