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Above All Else - The one skill you need to master

Like it or not, YOU are in customer service. You are a business. Your time and skills are the products you sell. Your body and mind are the tools you use. 322 more words

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Is success possible in a rigged system?

Income inequality exists and continues to widen because the rich keep getting wealthier and earn higher incomes while the middle class and low wage earners lose out. 320 more words

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You want a Bu.. Got..Tea? A Maz.. A.. Rot..Tea? You better work Bitch!

Britney Spears’ single “Work B**ch” resonates hugely with the Korporate Klimber.

The song is catchy as hell.

You may not realize that it also brings the formula for success down to its core. 245 more words

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Traits of a high performer part II - Know your shit

Know your shit! Become an expert at your job

Become a subject matter expert as soon as possible. You want to become the person people think of first when they have a question. 555 more words

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Traits of a high performer

Being a high performer at your job isn’t just about working hard, long hours. It’s about working smart and making sure you get the credit for your hard work. 512 more words

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