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U.S. Engineering Employment to Grow by Quarter-Million Jobs

10 metropolitan areas will command around 35 percent of total engineering job growth over the next decade . Find out where here: http://bit.ly/WyVQCg
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Professional Makeover

I don’t know how many times in my life I’ve been reading something, or talking to someone, or perhaps just simply daydreaming about something different I might do to make a living. 632 more words


Half of Brits regret their choice of career

Half of us are so unhappy at work we believe we chose the wrong career.

Those in the legal profession are the unhappiest (despite having highest starting salaries for graduates). 180 more words

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6 Interview Tips for Extroverts

Last week we made some suggestions for introverts heading into job interviews. This week we focus our attention on those to whom conversation and self-promotion comes a little more easily. 384 more words

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How to be more interesting

Some people are so worried about what everyone does that they become boring. OK, maybe they’re “interesting” to other boring, insecure people, just like themselves. But I’m talking about be deeply interesting.  414 more words

Personal Branding 360 Degrees

Five Skills Needed for Every Employee

Students often ask about the skills most critical for success.  While there are certainly unique factors for specific jobs and companies, I hear very consistent themes from employers on this topic.  491 more words

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