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Overcoming Job Board Addiction: Part I

A few weeks ago I talked about the need to “detox” from what I called “career credential addiction,” this affliction to spend more and more on obtaining credentials without any certain ROI or marketing strategy behind it. 560 more words

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That Recruiter Is Just Not That Into You

If there’s one thing that seems to be difficult for many job seekers to come to terms with it is recruiters. Internal or external ones, the same issues abound: Candidates continue to misunderstand exactly what recruiters do and how they do it, and recruiters don’t necessarily have the time (or are willing to take only so much time) to explain it to them. 834 more words

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What Are Your Top 5 Values

Are you working in alignment with your values?  Values are your standard of right and wrong.  They represent the guidelines by which you conduct your life.  321 more words

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LinkedIn: The "Dark Side"--What You Need to Know

Don’t get me wrong. LinkedIn is a potentially great job search and career management tool for career-minded individuals who want to make smart moves in their careers. 667 more words

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Retirement and entrepreneurship

Lots of people around the world are still active when they retire. Some of them wait until the retirement to make their dreams come true and open some business they had no courage (or other resources) to open before. 203 more words

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The Right Combination for Winning Engineering Employment

It’s no secret that engineers across the world are in high demand. In the United States, by 2023, there will be close to 250,000 new jobs for engineers… 50 more words

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