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Steve Zwolinski's Method Of Creating Jobs and Boosting The Economy. (Pure and Simple.)

I’ve been kind of rather reticent on this blog recently; most of it has to stem from a never-ending stream of work, term papers, my job, interviews for internships, and the such. 2,049 more words

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: clichés on your résumé

The summary statement began with: “Results-oriented Marketing Professional…” As if my hand had a mind of its own, I circled Results-oriented and wrote “Ugh” next to it. 545 more words

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Search Local Jobs | Job-App.org

Job-App.org is the #1 place online to do a nationwide job search to find your dream job or career. Simply type in the job you want and your zip code and get started today!

What Are You Afraid Of?

Written by Jennifer Bowden, Training & Workshop Coordinator

After years of working with job seekers, I see that for many people what holds us back isn’t our external circumstances – the job market, the economy, etc. 620 more words


5 Common (and EASILY Fixable) Resume Mistakes Costing You the Interview

Over the years I have screened and evaluated so many resumes that, quite frankly, I lost count a long time ago. What I do remember is the kinds of mistakes and missteps jobseekers would make over and over. 806 more words


10 Lame excuses for neglecting LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? That’s my favorite question of the day. Some of my customers say no, and we leave it at that. But others turn their nose up at the greatest online networking application out there and give me excuses as to why they’re not on LinkedIn. 823 more words

Career Search

This Job Search Stuff Sucks

Losing your job lands in the top five most stressful events we deal with, and if that isn’t enough you’re then embarking on the stress of a new job search. 375 more words