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7 reasons why recruiters and employers dread reading a résumé

Here’s a fact: Very few people like reading résumés, especially those who read hundreds of them a week. Ask any recruiter or employer. I critique and write résumés as part of my job. 875 more words

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Skill 7: Technical knowledge related to the job

The seventh skill from the NACE survey of skills employers want is technical knowledge related to the job.

“Whoa! Back up,” you say, “I thought that technical skills were the reason I have a hard time finding work!” 288 more words

Attitudes That Keep Us Employed

The third of 3 steps for a successful LinkedIn campaign: being active

Previously we looked at connecting with others on LinkedIn, the second step for a successful LinkedIn campaign. Now we’ll look at being active on LinkedIn. 860 more words

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Steward Your own Growth

In my last post, “Check Your Professional Baggage,” I suggested that asserting your needs or accomplishments directly to your supervisor is not necessarily the best way to create opportunities for growth and fulfillment. 779 more words

11 job-search blunders I find hard to believe

Some things I find hard to believe; like I stepped on my scale this morning expecting to be two pounds heavier, due to weekend of overeating, and I was actually two pounds lighter. 666 more words

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The second of 3 steps for a successful LinkedIn campaign: connecting with others

Previously we looked at the components of a strong LinkedIn profile, the first step for a successful LinkedIn campaign. Now we’ll look at connecting with other LinkedIn members. 1,000 more words

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6 Interview Tips for Extroverts

Last week we made some suggestions for introverts heading into job interviews. This week we focus our attention on those to whom conversation and self-promotion comes a little more easily. 384 more words

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