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Tools of the Trade

Now that you’re settled into the school year, you’ve started setting (and keeping!) job search goals, and you’re feeling like a rock star – how about some tools and technology to help keep you on track? 469 more words


Be a Courteous Driver So Your Network Will Help Your Job Search

My dad taught me to drive.  In doing so he taught me to be a defensive driver – always being aware of my surroundings and anticipating what the other drivers are doing assuming they are not paying attention. 769 more words

One example of how a photo effectively brands a person

One of my LinkedIn connections, Anton Brookes, sports a photo on his profile that prompts me to say to my LinkedIn workshop attendees, “Now this is a kick ass photo.” They give pause and nod in approval. 387 more words

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Career Search II

I’m underemployed. At this moment, I can relate to the tree rat outside my window who is scuttling back and forth stashing nuts for the winter. 275 more words

10 first impressions for job-search success

When I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, I was not impressed. I’d heard it was a great show, but the gratuitous violence did more to turn me off than draw me into the most important episode of the series. 1,043 more words

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Why did you call me in for an interview? I did my homework did you?

Continuing with my theme of outbursts on the subject of job searches……Sometimes I have wondered: “Why did you even call me in for an interview?” 503 more words

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Just Say No - Or At Least "Maybe"

Written by Jennifer Bowden, Training & Workshop Coordinator

I’ve talked before about the importance of job seekers staying organized and setting goals. A really important part of being able to stay on target is learning how to say no (or at least “maybe”) to all the people, projects, commitments, and other distractions that lead you to fill up your time, leaving less for the search. 535 more words