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Looking for a job after college but don't know where in the world to start?

So you have been in college for four (or more) years having a great time and “BAM” it hits you one day, you are going to graduate and be expected to get a job, SOON. 1,255 more words

3 ways LinkedIn is the perfect place to tell your story--part 1 of 2

My son loves to hear a story I tell about the “Perfect Place,” an isolated area with climbing rocks and meadows that seemed to span for miles. 573 more words

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Resume Design vs. Resume Writing–The difference is...

Resume Writing–a process where a professional writer takes information that you provide and enhances it visually using editing, typing, and graphic design skills.

Resume Design… 1,429 more words

Creating Your Own Transitions

The day I messed up; my networking mistake

The day I messed up; it was a day you remember like when you forget your kid’s birthday. You can’t believe you made such a blunder and it stuck with you the whole day. 403 more words

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Networking: Break the Rules to Make Connections

This morning I had the pleasure of doing one of my favorite things: talk to a group about one of my favorite topics – the elevator pitch. 1,500 more words

Should I take that Job Offer? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Recently I have found myself in an interesting situation. I believe I made the right choice, but there is always that thought of, did I just make a mistake. 511 more words

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8 reasons why brevity is important in your job search and at work

This is a topic worth repeating. I’ve added two more reasons why brevity is important.

I began reading what started as a great blog post. The topic interested me, the writing was humorous and demonstrated expertise. 712 more words

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