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4 tips for promoting yourself in the job search

When I was a kid and made our town’s Little League baseball team, I ran to my neighbor’s house where my father was helping our friend fix a lawnmower. 612 more words

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8 Networking Conversation Starters That Work (Every Time)

By Jessica Henderson of LearnVest, April 23, 2014

This article is from our friends at LearnVest, a leading site for personal finance.

For many people, simply walking into  1,034 more words

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How to Make Friends and Connections at Your Next Conference

It’s easy to make a name for yourself at a professional conference. You can get too tipsy at the opening reception, interrupt a respected speaker, or check into the ER after a bad reaction to a substance you tried because the conference was in Colorado. 583 more words

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This Is The Most Revealing Interview Question

As it turns out, interview questions like, “What’s your biggest strength?” and, “What’s you biggest weakness?” may not be as telling as they seem.

The New York Times’ Adam Bryant recently  184 more words

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One Simple Trick to Networking that Generates Massive Results

Working with the jaded, angry, frustrated, and disheartened, I at times see struggles with individuals trying to network into a job. A common retort I encounter is, “I just don’t get how to do this networking thing.” So it is, the networking idea is very foreign to those that have never been exposed to it. 243 more words

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