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7 Rules to 7 Figures


Life wants to pay and it doesn’t care who it pays. Life doesn’t care about your background, your short comings, or your disadvantages. Life pays those who have a willingness to do that which is necessary to succeed. 419 more words

The Best Advice...

This month we’re talking more about work.  We asked our coaches about the best advice they’ve received about Jobs and Careers.

“You should try to view all of the experiences and skills you have gained across different jobs and roles as valuable regardless if that is what you felt in the moment.  

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Want to Succeed? Reach Your Goals? Try This Counter Intuitive Approach -Allow

Generally when we hit a snag, or a problem, or just hit one of those points when we want to pick up our laptop and toss it out the window, we go into one of two modes, we decide to push harder, do more, or we resist.  441 more words

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Office Feng Shui

Whether one decides to work from home or in a more formal corporate setting, it is advisable to have Feng Shui “corrections” to enable the occupant to achieve optimal mental and physical capacity and increase energy. 418 more words

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Step Three: Make a Plan

Welcome to Part three of  Building Your Career Road map.

Take time to prepare a game plan for how you will reach your goal. But don’t use planning as an excuse to procrastinate. 275 more words

Climbing the Corporate Ladder in the New Normal.

A young friend shared with me the other day that they had recently been promoted. Congrats I said.  I shared her story with another friend and she asked me a simple question that made me reflect for a bit. 540 more words


Your Career Roadmap

In the days before GPS, you didn’t take a trip to unfamiliar territory without a roadmap. If you did, you were likely to get lost and waste a lot of time trying to find your way again! 550 more words

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