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living into our potential as God's children!

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.

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Live Like You Mean It

Sitting At A Bar Alone- The Ritual Of A Divorcee

Weekday evenings are typical of me dropping at a local hot spot alone. The babysitter is with the kids. When unable to fill time with friends or a possible date and my workload is light. 323 more words


Having it all Together

During freshman orientation, senior “fun leaders” were given groups of Freshman guide through the pre-planned fun. I remember thinking my group leaders were so cool, and old, and put together. 657 more words


Power Woman

STM Jane

Not all of us is noble by birth, but we can be noble by deeds, and what better place to start than being the best at what we do. 292 more words

Career Woman

Working Girl How To: Long Distance Job Searching

As if job searching wasn’t intricate enough, for those of us who are looking to relocate for our dream job or simply the next step up in our career journey, the long distance job hunt may seem next to impossible. 369 more words

That Working Girl

The Hooters Application

I finished my Master’s Degree in February.  I got it from an online university, which I know isn’t a huge accomplishment to some of the brick and mortar snobs, but I actually worked hard at it.   1,370 more words

Women In 30's

The Maternity Leave Entrepreneur™

How many of you moms dream of breaking away from the rat race, and having the freedom to spend more time at home with your growing family by starting your own home-based business? 914 more words

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