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The XX Factor

My first official writing job on a TV series was brought to me by the letter ‘X’. Specifically, the letter ‘X’ without the letter ‘Y’. 917 more words

The Chicken Disaster Adventure

I have been a vegetarian for two weeks. It is not because I am on a diet or have become an animal rights activist or even an all-natural/organic/vegan health person. 715 more words


I Hate My Job - What To Do?

For the past 6 months or so, I have really loathed my job. My Sales Director is an incredibly condescending and dictatorial halfwit who has only reached his position using an excessive amount of puffery and has coasted on the size of his network. 741 more words

Career, Part II

This is a continuation of the previous note regarding careers.  See the previous entry for the other 2 classes of individuals in the matter of work and employment. 778 more words

Quote of the day (29th July, 2014)

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for!” – Andrew Carnegie

Daily Inspiration

The Truth About Starting Your Life: What I Wish I Knew About Careers & Finances At 22

A recent AmericanExpress.com article highlighted 10 highly successful people in business who also shared what they wish they knew when they were 22. I wish I had known and totally accepted that everything I wanted would not come easy. 1,018 more words

Women In The Workplace