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My Writing Trademarks

Internet users; ASSEMBLE!

That got your attention. Nothing like a bold faced exclamative in the mornin’. Yes, I’m aware that it’s been a whole week since I last posted, yes, I can see that I wasn’t thinking of my thousands of screaming fans, and yes, I know you live for my beautiful, beautiful words. 915 more words


25 10

thank you for teaching me love was real
even though the china smashed
there’s always the pieces left over
mending the heart like kintsugi

being brought up on a philosophy of… 76 more words


Emotional Weather Report

Been up and down, mostly down, for about a year now. Sometimes feel like I’m at breaking point, but there’s been so many it’s become routine. 295 more words

A Right Company Culture is an Asset

I chanced upon this article that discussed about the reasons employees felt disengaged and checked out as a result. It notes how a company has to be transparent and clear about their goals, as well as using the strength-based approach in managing staff. 200 more words



I admit it now, graduate school is not a picnic; I have been in a vicious circle for the past few weeks, racing to get assignment “A” done, barely submit on time, to get engaged in assignment “B” due three more days. 414 more words


3 Ways To Advance Your Skills

These days, it’s all too common for job seekers to take a job that isn’t in their industry. The lack of jobs and ever increasing competitive job market… 534 more words


Seven blade razor

What is seven blade razor?In olden days (while I am growing up), if you ask people to donate or pour milk in container and if you check after sometime, you will see container is full of water . 146 more words