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Competition is the key to success

Every now and then the points and destinations of human movement change. Some time ago our adolescents were caring for the family calling. Children of agriculturists used to be agriculturists and children of anglers proceeded as just anglers. 515 more words

Which one to Choose?

Being a part of direct sales and a small business entrepreneur, I do these things more so for the hobby.  It has a tendency to bring in some spending money and I love to meet new people, network, support and to be a resource for others.  417 more words


Time Away

It has been a very busy two weeks since my last blog post…. I was away on Army Exercises for ten days and then playing catch up at my job. 271 more words


Fear and the Opportunities it Present

Everyone is afraid of something!

Well almost, but I’m yet to meet a man who fears nothing. Fear has been described as an (unpleasant) emotion induced by the threat of danger, pain or harm (Google results). 1,424 more words


Music Producers: How will you make a career in India ???

Gaurav Dayal tells you about a practical approach to starting your career in music in India. It might shock you! BEATFACTORY provides in Courses Electronic M…
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have had a sinus infection for over 2 weeks now.

individual nature continues to go in the direction it always has. the position i find myself standing in often reflects the position one which i have been facing before. 111 more words

2nd Stage Recovery

You don't have to be lost

Αν υπάρχει κάποιος εδώ που να μην έχει νιώσει αχρείαστος στη δουλειά του τουλάχιστον μία φορά στη ζωή του, ας το πει δημοσίως για να μας μεταδώσει αυτήν την πολυπόθητη γνώση.