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Why I'm happy I went to a community college first...

My story…

Most of the time, students are pushed to pick a career before they get into college. Somehow you are suppose to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, when you haven’t even learned to live on your own or what your true passions are. 326 more words


Jesus Salas Happy to Attend the 5th Radio Inc Hispanic Conference

Jesus Salas is proud to attend the 5th annual Radio Inc Hispanic Conference. Having attended the conference last year in his home city of Miami, Jesus Salas is not at all deterred by the greater distance to the conference this year. 206 more words


Are men better at networking than women? My twitter research reveals some truth!

Few months back I accidentally became a part of the Startup network. Soon I was hanging out with entrepreneurs (primarily tech) and was talking to them on every social (media) platform. 665 more words


Meaningful Work and HR

How do you define meaningfulness? Is it important for you to search for a meaningful work? Following is an excerpt from one of my projects: 940 more words

My Happy Story

I thought I would share my happy story, because I have definitely found my happy place over the last couple of years. Much to my surprise, my happy place is close to home, rather than trying to fit it all in working full time and doing all that comes with being married and a parent. 322 more words


We live in a complex world

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Not about my normal stuff, I think I’m feeling a bit down from not having much of a social life out here – had a friend in town likely sparked that a bit. 522 more words


Coming Out Bipolar: The Sequel

Today was “report card” day at work, and my meeting with the managers went just as I expected—they are very understanding and supportive, and they definitely want me to be successful, but I’ve got to get my shit together. 560 more words

All Work And No Play