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Rolling With The Punches

I’ve never been a huge fan of boxing. But I do respect the physical stamina and strength, and sheer courage it takes to get into a ring knowing the other guy is literally trying to knock your block off. 337 more words


Let It Go...

So I am about to come to the end of yet another contract position. I knew that this was going to happen, and I have been searching and applying for jobs leading up to the end of my contract. 505 more words

A story

Years ago, I wanted to progress in my career. I was an assistant for a long time and I worked for people who had positions I wanted. 526 more words


Sick days, anxiety, aching, and Lisping?!?!

Today I called in sick. Not uncommon for those of us with chronic illness. However, I get increased anxiety because I think what are my co-workers thinking. 708 more words

"Why Journalism?"

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question after telling people my major or told “You’re going to be poor even if you do find a job, you know,” let’s just say I would have a lot of dollars. 532 more words

An MBA In Less Than 400 Pages? Read on...

Time to add this one to the bookshelf, people – if for no other reason than for all of the graphics and charts, including the two I’ve shared here: 170 more words


Exam and School Stress!!

Hello peeps :)

Today it has finally hit me that I am leaving school – FOREVER – in a month! That’s it, a month! I am really starting to get freaked out about it. 389 more words