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Let It Split

“I feel like my head’s split in two,” I complained to my partner one morning as I struggled to get out of bed after a long weekend. 772 more words


How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Yourself Short

Several month ago, in an interview, I was asked what kind of experience I had with planning events. I love this question, because I’ve planned events in spades. 637 more words


How I got here

“Did you use to work at Macca’s?”

“Yeah I made the burgers at the back”

Here I am; four months into my new career, listening to two of the big names in our company discuss their past jobs as they are fitted with lapel microphones for a seminar they are giving. 431 more words

Life And What I Learn

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship calls for a range of abilities that don’t always come naturally.

That’s one reason some people find the prospect of starting their own business intimidating. 459 more words


The Exclusive Club

You could hear the pure joy in Sarah’s words in the email.  She was announcing the promotions of three of her managers to higher level manager positions within the organization.   360 more words


Fork in the Road

Something in the way she asked “So you’re giving up baking?” has me questioning everything now. Karen is a woman that has known me since I was eighteen. 728 more words

A bit about myself and what I aim to accomplish.

Well hello there,

My name is Ian Tezer. I’m currently 19 years old, living in the lovely city of Tucson, Arizona. I’ve always had blogs off and on, but never really got a consistent follower basis on any of them. 435 more words