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It’s called the music business for a reason | Disc Makers

Here are 12 pieces of advice from a CPA/business manager to help you manage the business side of your music career

It’s called the music business for a reason — yet for many indie artists, organizing and maintaining the business end of a music career can rank just above dental surgery when it comes to activities of choice. 2,384 more words


Stop Doubting and Start Moving

In order to accomplish anything in life, we must first have confidence in ourselves and in our abilities. We can only accomplish what we believe we can. 322 more words


Technology Rules the World

It’s vitally important to love what you do. Whether it be a banker, lawyer, accountant, or entrepreneur. Even more important to be aware of how technology affects what you currently do and how you can position yourself for greatness in years to come! 24 more words


My Life In Gifs

Realizing I’ll be late for the train (again!) cause I’m exhausted:

People telling me that I’m single cause I’m intimidating and unapproachable,  or that they’re not good enough for me:

My feelings about online dating:


6 Things You Should Stop Saying Around Women At Work

Wikimedia commonsDon’t even think about calling a woman bossy around Sheryl Sandberg.

There are a number of subtle ways women are treated differently from men in the workplace, whether its enduring harsh judgment for their appearence or being seen as overly emotional when they show anger. 651 more words


IHME Post-Bachelor Fellowship

IHME Post-Bachelor Fellowship -

Meeting global health’s greatest challenges through education and innovation

About IHME
IHME is an independent research center identifying the best strategies to build a healthier world. 239 more words


"Have you tried [X]?"

I’m surprised by how people are still not bored with handing out advice about job hunting. Possibly because it makes them feel good, possibly because they just want better for you (I’m going to stick with option B). 220 more words