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How to use Linkedin to land a job

In earlier posts we have seen how social media can be helpful in assisting in search of jobs. One such site that can be used for professional purposes is LinkedIn. 299 more words

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On Publishing and Writing and Documenting


I was telling my daughter just the other day that it is important to know how to spell, and just as important to know how to write (and write well). 1,016 more words


Life is All About Balance

There are many good advice articles out there, many with various opposing opinions on how to get certain things done. They suggest paths you should take in order to become successful. 411 more words

And, I'll always be there for you, Brett Matthew Evans!

You don’t leave someone just because they are struggling. You can’t just bail because they aren’t in the exact place you’d like them to be. So, things happen. 578 more words


Married to unwedded bliss

I think about all the systems, traditions, protocols, processes and rules we have in place just to get from one point to the next. Its amazing if innovation happens at all, since we seemed to be trained from an early age to avoid mistakes by doing things the tried and true way. 251 more words

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Daily Choices

I read an interesting article from another science blogger, Rigoberto Hernandez, on his blog EveryWhereChemistry. He had a recent interesting blog entry about what to spend your time on daily, where he compared the choices to Horcruxes and Hallows. 635 more words


Phoenix IT Expert Offers Advice For Future IT Job Seekers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in the growing field of information technology are on the rise, “IT enables seamless integration and communication between businesses anywhere in the world. 336 more words