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Say Yes to Starting a New Job

With the economy the way it is I hear so many people bemoaning the lack of jobs in this country. Yet certain sectors are booming and people getting the jobs; 324 more words

Yes To September

Job Search: Interview

Last week, I had an interview for a company that shall remain nameless and shall hereon be called Profit.  I was mildly surprised about this, as all I could say during the phone interview about my reason for applying was that the person who referred me (henceforth called Referrer) had said it was a good place to work, emphasizing what Referrer had told me about  the work environment.   719 more words

Call Center

Jenny Q: The Ten Most & Least Stressful Jobs

Any job stress throughout my life has been less about the job itself and more about the people I work with and for. I had a tyrant boss in my 20s who made life, um, less than joyful. 139 more words


Question of the Day: What Is The Lifetime Value of A College Education (By Major)?

Another Question of the Day!

I have been waiting for a resource like this to demonstrate to students how lifetime earnings can vary significantly based on the major they select in college.   483 more words

Question Of The Day

Where Da Where Da Cash At?

I was recently promoted at work and in the midst of all the congratulations and “hey let’s celebrate” and “lunch is on you next time” all I could think to myself is where da cash at??? 462 more words


Question of the Day: Why Are Fewer People Going to College?

Good opportunity to engage students in some critical thinking including interpreting data and reasoning skills as well as understanding the value of a college degree. 111 more words

Question Of The Day

Informative Video Overviews of Careers in Marketing

ReKruiTIn, an India-based recruitment firm, has put together a nice YouTube video on marketing careers. This video is valuable for anyone considering a career in marketing, regardless of their country or region. 19 more words