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Social media offers respite from job seeking

For those who are looking for jobs, there could be hope for you in the coming holiday season. Seasonal hiring is in swing and many companies are putting up signs on their websites and on social media. 124 more words

How to go from unemployed to employed

If you have a job/Career consider your self blessed. One of the hardest parts about life is being about to survive and support your family, if you have no Job of course this can be difficult. 140 more words

Top 7 Most Popular CV Lies: From Job Titles to Responsibility

Around seven out of ten (71%) of employers have spotted a lie on a CV and as a result 41% have discarded that candidate, according to CareerBuilder. 176 more words


Pity The Tool: The Limitations of HR Technology

If you think about the myriad steps required in full cycle recruiting, the fact that we’re so focused on that very small slice of stuff that happens before a candidate even actually applies underscores how much of the talent acquisition conversation seems misplaced. 1,645 more words


The Ten Jobs Americans Are Most Afraid of Having

CareerBuilder just released the results of a survey where they asked people to name the jobs they’d be the most afraid of having.  Here are the top 10: 42 more words


Why teaching kindergarten is among the scariest jobs in America

The scariest jobs aren’t necessarily the most dangerous.

In a new survey of more than 3,100 workers from CareerBuilder, kindergarten teachers are among the 10 jobs that strike fear in American workers… 245 more words

10 weirdest reasons for not showing up to work

If the coming flu season is anything like it was in past years, plenty of employees will be calling in to say they’re staying home with sniffles, fevers, and sneezes. 338 more words