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Five things you need to know about journal Impact Factors (Day 88)

I have made it my quest throughout my presidency to shine a light on chemical engineering.

So it made me very proud to see the latest Impact Factors for IChemE’s journals. 498 more words

Geoff Maitland

It's a Man's World! The Culture of IT and All Things Geek!




     Hello again internet world. School has been about all I do these days. It takes all my energy to stay focused and get stuff turned in on time. 441 more words


Behind the video...

Written by Colm O’Rourke

A talking head. A willing participant. The face of the company.

Whichever term you use to describe the people you see giving testament in corporate videos about where they work, that’s me. 299 more words

Cabec Ltd

Do to-do lists achieve anything?

Apologies for the less than catchy title. I have become frustrated recently by my obsession with to-do lists. I am frustrated by having things to do in general. 603 more words


Keep Your Passions Alive One Way or Another

When I was in high school, I had two main passions: writing and dancing. They were my therapy. With a pen and piece of paper I could work through almost anything, and when that didn’t suffice, I could de-stress by turning up the radio and dancing like no one was watching, which was often the case. 129 more words


How Do Regulations Affect Athletes' Doping Decisions?

In 2013, the International Association of Athletics Federations announced that as of January 1, 2015, any athletes with serious doping offenses will receive a four-year ban on competition participation, which for many could mean prohibition from the Olympics. 207 more words

Environmental And Social Issues

Physics for Rock Stars, or How The Periodic Table Can Help You Find You BFF

Women in science and engineering: a rare occurrence. Listen to this interview and learn how one young girl was introduced to the wonders of science and engineering and never gave a thought to being the only girl in the engineering class.  148 more words