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Live Long and Prosper

By Megan Cooley

This January, I attended the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (KINBRE) conference; the keynote speaker was Dr. Muneesh Tewari. His keynote mainly focused around the utilization of tumor-derived microRNAs as blood-based biomarkers for cancer, an idea that many fellow researchers thought was not realistic based on the stability of the biomarker.


27 Resumé Designs that you'll consider stealing

Admit, your resume looks nothing like these ones. I know mine doesn’t either… I definitely gotta hand it to these people on their creativity. I know for sure my resume will be going through amendments now. 154 more words


From a Parent to a Child

“Believe my son, and it will be achieved,”
I said because I wasn’t yet aware
That Sloth incarnate’s what I had conceived… 103 more words

Immortal Verse

Life is currently out of control

I’m so very frustrated with my life, currently. I had such a handle on my eating disorder, depression, and anxiety. Well, I thought I did. My therapist was on vacation the last two weeks, and during that time, I regressed almost completely to where I was before. 256 more words

Barbie's New Style Sparks Controversy

Barbie the teenage fashion model is one of the most controversial toys on the market today from a feminist viewpoint. Sure, her body type is unattainable and unreasonable, she dresses completely inappropriately for the careers she performs, she is known as being ditzy and incapable, and her life sometimes seems to be centered around her boyfriend Ken, but… wait, what was I saying?  537 more words

Low Pay, Monotonous Work: Are Artist Assistant Positions Worth the Trouble?

In the course of a normal workday, Sharela Bonfield may order supplies, supervise interns, clean, answer the telephone, arrange meetings, create PowerPoint displays, handle paperwork, administer archives and do “whatever else needs to be done.” It is difficult to say exactly what Ms. 1,664 more words

Artist Assistants

Fidel Castro

by Maille Halloran

That the transition from lawyer to dictator is inevitable is the kind of joke many legal professionals are frequently subjected to. Critics of Fidel Castro might claim that in the Cuban revolutionary leader’s case, this joke holds more truth than jest. 183 more words