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Back in the Hospital Again

Here I am again, sitting beside Bo in the emergency room of Lourdes Hospital, chasing down his wandering kidney stone that, apparently, is stuck somewhere. 701 more words


The Teenager in the Basement

Jay and I talk alot about how Dad is good practice for when the boys are teenagers. Alot of the things that we try to get him to do or NOT do are the things that you may hear people say about their children. 170 more words


Ferguson - A Symbiotic Relationship

As I care for my mother, I reread the lessons at the back of Lori’s Lessons because they inspire me. It struck me that Lesson Number Nine for Caregiving applies to the racial protests taking place near me in Ferguson today. 634 more words


Warriors, Butts and Kitty Cats

As salt brings out the amazing flavors of food, I believe tears bring out the vibrant colors of life. Yep, annus horribilis is the best way to describe 2014 so far. 466 more words


Caregiver Burnout, Pt 2: How to Get Help

Last post we explored the numerous symptoms and negative effects of “caregiver burnout” — and this week we are going to site that same great article from… 439 more words