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Talking to Your Parents about Aging Services

It’s the conversation you never want to have. How do you approach your parents – the folks who raised you, changed your diapers, helped you through your first broken heart, supported and advised you – about planning for their future? 892 more words


Communicating with the Person with Dementia

Do I close the door? 

I hear this every night as mom prepares for bed. She’s anxious to do the right thing, and she simply cannot remember what it is, nor can she figure it out. 393 more words


Decluttering: An Important Step to Senior Safety


For many of us, clutter is one of life’s little annoyances that we can’t seem to shake, no matter how old we get. It may not be as frightening as death or taxes, but it is just as certain, and – unless you’re one of the very disciplined, very organized few – just as looming. 466 more words


Denial 2

Yes, I’m perfectly fine, don’t know why you don’t think so!
Everyone forgets things at my age, don’t you know?
Stop nagging me always to write everything down, 289 more words



Of course I’m doing okay – tell me, why do you ask?
Do I give the impression that my worries I mask?
Well, maybe so, but no more than the norm, 278 more words


The Memory Test

Hello, it’s Dr Stephens, nice to see you again,
Do you know what your here for? Well, let me explain,
You’re here for your six-monthly memory review, 304 more words


The Goldfish

I have a pet goldfish – she’s happy enough,
Doesn’t spend time sweating all the small stuff,
Spends all of her life on permanent vacation, 257 more words