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The MIR 162 Debacle - Implications for US Exporters

Lying on the western bank of the Mississippi River, the New Orleans suburb of Westwego (pop. ~9,000) would seem to have little in common with Shenzhen, the thriving southern Chinese metropolis of 15 million people located some 8,500 miles away. 960 more words


Turkeys delivered to Kansas Food Bank

WICHITA, Kansas – A truck load of turkeys was delivered Wednesday morning to the Kansas Food Bank thanks to Cargill.

It’s a yearly tradition and an effort by Cargill to promote food security around the globe and across Kansas. 92 more words


L’éthanol, carburant ‘écolo’ mal exploité !


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Corn-ethanol is the world’s lowest cost liquid transportation fuel. China is importing U.S ethanol so are oil producing countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia. The Energy Complex sees Ethanol as favorable because it is cheap by any standards. One comment regarding sugarcane ethanol vs. corn-based ethanol we hear over and over is how Brazilian sugarcane based is more efficient and produces more per hectare. The medias never get this issue correct regarding the U.S corn production. Basically, we take the U.S corn average bushels per acre and determine efficiency and this calculation is totally incorrect. Typically, you will never see corn yields in Alabama, Georgia, or peripheral states as high as the corn belt because they don't have the deep organic rich soils blessing the Midwest. If you compute yield per acre in the "corn belt" typically American ethanol produced per acre or hectare greatly surpasses Brazil. And, one thing not mentioned here is octane? Corn ethanol is around 115 octane and big oil only has nasty octane enhancers (reformate, benzene, toluene, and other "enes"). So as CAFE standards kick in and we desire more horsepower from smaller engines, the only way this will be successful is higher octane values. Meaning in my lifetime we will probably see the average 87 octane move to a 91 to 94 range as we force small engines. Ethanol is the cheapest Octane Molecule on Planet Earth. This plays very well for corn-based ethanol in the future. Finally, the United States will export 1 billion to 1.2 billion gallons of ethanol to foreign countries primarily driven by "the cheapest octane molecule on the planet. Even Middle East is buying cargoes of Ethanol to blend into their gasoline. Ethanol is not starving the world. Drymill ethanol production produces FOOD because The process uses only the starch portion of the corn, which is about 70% of the kernel. All the remaining nutrients - protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins - are concentrated into distillers grain, a valuable feed for livestock. (FOOD). One corn bushel is 56 pounds and will produce at least 2.8 gallons of ethanol and 17 pounds of distillers grain. Ethanol produces FOOD despite our medias pretending the opposite. I'm really glad that students got the point: The 10 percent ethanol mixture in gasoline helps it burning cleaner. Ethanol is a green fuel that is still underutilized and often unconsidered by our Governments. Simon Jacques

The Wizards of Oz

Leaving behind the spectacular landscapes of the South West, I crossed the pan-handle of Texas and then of Oklahoma.   In Texas, approaching some 15 miles out from Dalhart,   the smell shifted from rural grasses to acrid.  1,216 more words

Diary Notes

On-farm storage and regional processing enabling food producers to get a fair return?


New-York based Bunge’s global agribusiness sector is suffering as farmers in North and South America, dissatisfied with falling commodity prices, are holding on to their crops rather than selling them to processors. 360 more words

Food Producers

U Of Minnesota Regent David Larson Dies At 70

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — University of Minnesota Regent and retired Cargill executive David M. Larson has died at age 70, the university said Monday.

Larson’s family said he died Saturday after a brief illness, according to the university. 415 more words