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U Of Minnesota Regent David Larson Dies At 70

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — University of Minnesota Regent and retired Cargill executive David M. Larson has died at age 70, the university said Monday.

Larson’s family said he died Saturday after a brief illness, according to the university. 415 more words



Prescriptive Farming from Cargill

I find it ironic the author’s last name is Bunge when writing an article about Cargill.

What do you think?

Bunge for Cargill, go figure!?


Small farmers are the solution to the global food crisis

One of the issues that World Food Day made evident yesterday is the failure of our global food system: 805 million people are going hungry while obesity affects over 2 billion of us. 854 more words


Here's What It Looks Like Inside Of A McDonald's Hamburger Factory

For the first time ever, McDonald’s is giving customers an inside look at one of its US meat processing facilities.

The company released a video… 142 more words

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Impact of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus - smaller than imagined

Cargill, which is the nation’s fourth-largest pork producer, said hog producers increased the weight of their animals to offset the effects of the reduced headcount as animals died. 27 more words


RT: Billion-dollar lawsuits claim GMO corn 'destroyed' US exports to China

Published time: October 06, 2014 19:05
Thanks to E. 

Reuters / Jim Young

Three class-action lawsuits filed Friday claim that agribusiness power Syngenta is to blame for depressed corn exports to China since the seed company released a genetically-engineered variant of the crop before it was approved by Beijing. 616 more words