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SpaceX on path to save government huge pile of dough


SpaceX wins intermediate victory over US in launch contract case

The United States government has lost its bid to toss SpaceX’s lawsuit over lucrative national security-related launch contracts.

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Telling people how we will horribly mess things up probably won't change anyone's views


How Western Civilization Ended, Circa 2014 |

You don’t know it yet. There’s no way that you could. But 400 years from now, a historian will write that the time in which you’re now living is the “Penumbral Age” of human history—meaning, the period when a dark shadow began to fall over us all.

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It could happen: "Next on Fox - Start-up Battlefield"

The whole idea of a battlefield for startups is ridiculous. Have a love-in for startups. A be-in.


Gack! It’s like making starting up a company into a reality show.

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