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Fear. A four-letter word.

Fear is a funny thing. It protects us from doing stupid things, like jumping from rooftops into tiny backyard pools. It makes overcoming an obstacle, like delivering a speech in front of a class, so much more of an accomplishment. 696 more words


Ugh. The science fair.

Earlier this year, Cari came home with a packet from school and a note that explained that since she’s in third grade, she would need to complete a required science fair project.   727 more words


Sometimes motherhood is messy

This post might be a little gross.  I’m warning you now.

I think mothers have some uncanny awareness of the overall wellbeing of our kids.  We can tell when our kids are complaining of tummy aches to avoid finishing their dinners and we can tell when a tummy ache is about to become a big mess.   797 more words


Throwing up at Carrabba's

I hadn’t been feeling all that great for days.  Weird stuff was happening.  I couldn’t brush my teeth in the morning without gagging.  My sense of smell was nuts.   554 more words


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Meminta Dalam Doa

Kalau berdoa, singkirkanlah ketidakpercayaan..
Saat berdoa, buanglah semua logika pemikiran yang terbatas..

Waktu berdoa, ucapkanlah permintaan yang besar
Ketika berdoa, sampaikanlah semua yang kau inginkan… 97 more words


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Rumahku Istanaku..Sering kita mendengar kiasan itu bukan? 491 more words