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Why are women and girls falling out of our HIV response?

Why are women and girls falling out of our HIV response?

Though the core of my career has been spent working in HIV, in recent years I’ve refocused that effort on what we call… 903 more words

How This Foundation is Developing the Caribbean’s Next Tourism Leaders

Tourism: it’s the largest single economic driver in the Caribbean, and promoting its continued development remains one of the most crucial objectives for the wider region. 715 more words

Metro Caribbean

Condo Wall To Counter Global Warming

Blacktip business owners are spearheading plans to ring Blacktip Island’s coast in an unbroken wall of high-rise condominiums to safeguard against rising sea levels menacing the Caribbean island. 417 more words


Voodoo Love Song, Chapter 3 (vi)

Huey opened the door to her room and stepped into darkness. She fumbled for a switch and, unable to find one, stumbled through the room, working her way toward the bathroom. 512 more words


Packing. This is not my forte.

I did it. I opened my suitcase and started haphazardly throwing items into it. Dresses, skirts, bathing suits, much like Jenna Marbles does in the video above. 208 more words


Shopping in Grenada (Grocery shopping that is)

Good morning!

Happy Friday! In Grenada, Fridays means Beach Friday! After work and school everyone goes to the beach for a lime and has a nice relaxing evening there! 524 more words


Liming in Tobago...

I guess a short visit to Tobago did not give enough time to enjoy the full sense of liming – that very special occupation of working hard at doing nothing while sharing food, drink and laughter with friends – but it did provide an insight into just what a pleasurable activity that can be!  246 more words