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Lessons In Humanity That My Mother Taught Me!

My mother left this earth in 1981. I always miss her, but there are times when I think about her more often than usual. Lately it’s been some of those days… … 397 more words


A friend recently shared a blog post about staying positive through pregnancy. One of the reasons it gave, was that the blogger found it insensitive to complain when so many women suffer from infertility and would give anything to have a baby.  446 more words

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"But what about the..." or 62 Dresses and a Handful of Hypocrites

(Photo from  “Know Your Value: The official Wonderfully Made Blog”
Please visit this link for a wonderful article about this organization.)

I recently saw a facebook post in which a lovely 62-year-old lady was celebrating her birthday by sitting on her sewing room floor, surrounded by the sixty-two dresses that she made for a charity called… 418 more words


What Made Me Stop Caring

I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to see the end-game. No decision I ever made was based on the “now” or on impulse. 208 more words

Dear Students


Dear students,


As the school year is beginning around the country and you prepare for school, I know many of you are not very happy.  You wish summer would last longer.   310 more words


Embarrassing Call...

I am the food in mother-in-law’s fridge,
I have been sat here for ages like this,
I’m past my sell-by-date, I’m getting old,
And my outside is now all covered in mould… 145 more words


Battle Axe

Oh, what I’d give for the usual mum-in-law woes,
I’d gladly swap dementia for some of those,
Yes, that with Alzheimers I’d happily switch,
Even if it meant mum-in-law was a complete bitch… 229 more words