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"The Perfect Child - Finding Happiness"

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“The Perfect Child – Finding Happiness”

You were born a perfect child full of love, awe, and joy.

And some where along the line many of us lose that. 21 more words



Inside your belly

I started to bloom

We were together

I in your womb

I felt your love

Both body and soul

You nurtured me… 124 more words

Helen Droop – Female – 47 – “The Choice Letters” – 2004 [4 of 7]

Dear Mrs. Choice,

Good morning. I hope you and yours are having a good morning. I dont necessarily agree with all your points but thank you for replying in such a timely manner. 646 more words

Unacceptable Levels

This is by far the most mind-blowing film I have seen in YEARS. If you have small children, you need to see this film. If you have chronic health issues, you need to see this film. 108 more words


What next????

I know it has been a while since I have written, but I have been so, so, so very tired….

Since Friday after chemo I have been in the most weird space – so much I want to do, but cant be arsed to do anything as everything just seems like to much effort…. 497 more words


By Mehjabeen Mohammed

A dark night holds secrets untold

In a dark night, treasures unfold

And a spark that flies here and there

And everywhere… 109 more words


Sometimes I just have to cry
the emotion sneaks up on me when I
am least expecting it

A happy day
sun shining
so why do I feel so blue? 128 more words