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What kind of crazy story is this?: "All the President's Men" (1976)

By Scott Ross

Los Angels, CA. May, 2011. Richard Stayton writes a compelling piece in the Writers Guild of America (West) magazine Written By,* responding to claims made by Robert Redford that he and the late film director Alan J. 2,182 more words

Favorite Movies


By Casey Bukro

Pssst! Hey buddy, over here. Got some really important news for you. Can’t tell you where I got it. But trust me. 452 more words

Ethical Standards

Today in History: 1972, Five Men Were Arrested for Breaking into the DNC Headquarters in the Watergate Complex

Today in 1972, five men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. In their possession were cameras, film, and tear gas guns. 142 more words


What Role(s) Do Journalists Play in Society?

A long-form opinion piece. 

Journalists. They’re news gatherers, connecting audiences to their local, national and international communities.They’re watchdogs to the government, investigating its activity to ensure it does not abuse its authority.They also serve a moral role, providing a voice for those people who cannot speak for themselves.  1,028 more words

Long-Form Writing

Remembering Watergate Up Close with Woodward and Bernstein

While anybody who lived through the 1970s, or has taken a course on American history, knows about Watergate and the president it brought down, not nearly as many realize North Carolina’s prominent role in the congressional hearings that gripped the nation as a result of the scandal. 224 more words