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Field Trip: New York Times

Have you ever thought about the where newspaper articles are written and how they go from idea to print? Have you ever thought about how they know what articles you have enjoyed reading? 552 more words

Warner Vod: Video: All the President's Men 1976 Trailer: A Movie About a Scandal That Took Down a Presidency

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If you like movies based on true stories, then All The President’s Men is a great movie if you like movies with great writing, then All The President’s Men is a great movie. 580 more words


Bradlee’s legacy should be about the journalism, not the power and privilege

Ever since longtime Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee shuffled off this mortal coil at the venerable age of 93, the Post has luxuriated in the wonderfulness of itself and its past.  651 more words

Nothing But the Truth

This was a busy news week with many reports of tragedies, including horrific terror attacks both in Jerusalem and the Canadian capital of Ottawa. I’ll come back to these incidents shortly. 1,117 more words

Ben Bradlee: A Valiant David Among Media Golieths

Spring, 1973: While others may have known about it, two young reporters for the Washington Post – a struggling newspaper in the nation’s capital, with a short history of tackling some of the days essential stories, such as the recently released expose on behind the scenes disclosures of Pentagon tactics contained in the Pentagon Papers, and the Whistle-Blower responsible for their disclosure – Daniel Ellsberg, had information about corruption within the administration of President Richard Nixon. 1,010 more words

The Constitution

What a Journalist Can Always Learn from Ben Bradlee

As many of you may have become aware by now, Benjamin C. Bradlee, the long-tenured and much beloved editor of the Washington Post, from 1965 to 1991, has passed away at the age of 93 from natural causes at his home in Washington. 471 more words